The Process

A new standard for removal companies in Brighton.

The Process

As a leading removals Brighton company, we have developed a new standard for removals. The Gold Bear standard. We have a fresh and unique process that guarantees your happiness, and it involves a simple rating system that puts you in control.

You have a week to fill out a brief online questionnaire about your removals team and your experience. 20% of the teams wages are held until you have sent your word of your satisfaction. If something was not carried out properly your team will come back and remedy this. That is how we guarantee your satisfaction.

This process is in place for domestic and office moves. No other removals Brighton company offers this kind of process across any kind of move.

Step 1

After you have gotten in contact with us we arrange a home visit. We will then work on your quote and have it emailed to you that evening or following morning.

When you have booked us for your job on your preferred date you will be issued with a feedback form. This is a strategically designed for him to guarantee your satisfaction with the work that will be carried out. You will grade your driver manager on a set of criteria such as timekeeping and quality of service.

This form although detailed will only take a few minutes of your time.

The manager on your job is aware of all the criteria and will be attempting to receive 100% satisfaction in all areas.

Step 2

Upon completion of the job your removal Manager will receive 80% of his wage.

You have up to 1 week seven days including weekends to complete the form and hand back.
The feedback form will of course be 100% satisfactory. When this is received at our headquarters we then release the remaining 20%.

If your job manager has exceeded your expectations there is a further 10% which he can win by going the extra mile. This is another area on the form which needs your attention and I’m sure your driver will bring this to your attention.

However if in these seven days you find that there are some aspects which do not quite make the mark, your driver has a further week to get back to you to put things right. 20% of his wages will be held by us until we have a satisfactory rating from yourself. You are still able to give him and excellence rating once he has remedied any errors so he can claim his reward.

The system ensures excellent service and is completely unique to any removals company. Other companies have feedback forms but no one has devised a way to make sure that the best service is delivered first time. Feedback forms are normally used as ways to improve for next time.

Here at Gold Bear we believe in getting your move right first time that’s why we have developed our own unique system to ensure this.

Our in-house regulation system guarantees the highest quality that you can expect from a removals Brighton company.

Call now for a quote.

We want to give the customer the power. We want to make you feel confident that you will have things done to your liking. We are so confident that we can impress you that we hand the power over to you.

We stand apart from the rest due to our unique rating system. Not even the large International companies have such a system that ensures 100% customer satisfaction. Please get in touch today  for this unique removals Brighton company perspective, and for a free consultation via our contact page


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