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Removal Companies Brighton Guide

Brighton is home to a plethora of removals companies for you to chose from. Many are long standing firms, but a lot of newer companies have popped up over the years. You may think that all removals companies are more or less the same and offer the same kind of services and standards – but you would be wrong! It’s very important to get the measure of any firm you commit to before booking and understand how they differ. For example – we at Gold Bear are one of the few “green” companies in the city, and take measures to preserve our impact on the environment. Whichever companies unique selling point floats your boat, make sure to check a few factors carefully: one of the most important being that they are fully insured and have a good track record with previous clients. Read more here in our removal companies Brighton guide.

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Removals Brighton Experts

We are Removals Brighton Experts. Not only are we experts in removals, having worked in the industry for so many years. But we also like to think that we are experts in our hometown Brighton, too! All of our team have been born and raised in Brighton & Hove and know the city like the back of their hand. We can bring an indepth local knowledge to the table, alongside expertise in removals and safely transporting your precious goods from A to B unscathed. There are a lot of longstanding reputable companies in the city, most of which we are friends with and have known for years. There are some great newer companies too, although some of them don’t stand by the same best practices as the more established.

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