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Domestic removals Brighton & Hove: Tailored Removals

It may sound strange, but we actually love doing removals! Which is how we can take so much stress out of the experience for you. Our aim is to take something that could be complicated and make it straightforward. We will perform the job efficiently and professionally, while making sure to keep on top of costs and reduce your bill and your time as much as possible. If you require office or domestic removals Brighton & Hove, get in touch we can discuss your exact requirement and work out what’s best from there.

We tailor each move to the individual customer and never use a “one size fits all” approach. We have different packages for our domestic removals service, depending on what suits your job the most.

Domestic removals Brighton & Hove: Small Jobs

If you are in a one bedroom or two bedroom flat or house and you are moving and need domestic removals Brighton and Hove, you may be best off choosing our hourly rate. We break up the hours in half so you only pay for the time that you use, and can deliver these savings to you.

Moving between London and Brighton

We also have many vans going between London and Brighton so if you are moving to Brighton from Greater London, then give us a call now to arrange a tailored quote.

1,2,3+ men teams are available for the service, and the price rises incremental value with each removal man. Check out our home removals page for more details.

At Gold Bear Removals, East Sussex, we like to get round to see every job so that we can give you an idea of cost to help you budget. We can even give you a capped hourly rate. This way you know that the cost won’t run away with itself if there are any unseen hold-ups. Plus you have the benefit of the hourly rate, so if we complete your move quicker you are able to save some money.

The best way to do this is making sure that you are well prepared. Start packing up and boxing away things that you don’t need immediately. Make one room your storage room, and begin neatly stockpiling your goods.

If you’d like some help with domestic removals Brighton & Hove or the above, please check out our packing services. Or if you’d like to do the packing yourself, have a look at our packaging guide, where we give you some tips and pointers.

Large Jobs

If you have quite a lot to move or are you are travelling further afield, then it is best to get a set price for your job. This way you know that there is a ceiling on what you will spend. If there are any delays then you know you will not be responsible for additional costs.

We will come and see your property as soon as we can, and go over everything that you need to move and every aspect of your job. This way we can get you the best price possible and get your unique removals plan together.

This is where we can really start to help. On the face of it removals may seem like a straightforward task, but once you start you will quickly realise that there is more than meets the eye. We will draw up a simple removal plan for you, taking into account all complicated aspects of your job. We also can give you all kinds of time and money saving advice.

We know how easy it is for things to get out of hand. Preparation is key and from the moment you contact us and we will start streamlining and packaging your process. We aim to take all the responsibility from you and make it go away.

We will be in assessing the parameters of your job right away from the very first conversation either via email or phone.


Although we very rarely have to use it, we are fully insured for all of the goods that we come into contact with. We are insured through Axa Insurance, and we enclose a copy of our policy for your records with every quote. It is a good idea to check this with other removal companies, as some only cover you for items which they have packed. Our insurance is fully comprehensive. We also have public liability Insurance up to £2 million which protects our workers and anybody else that we come into contact with. This also protects against structural damage.

Whether its for office or domestic removals Brighton & Hove, get in touch with us right now by clicking through to our contact page or our quote form.

We also offer office relocation.

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