Moving to Brighton UK

If you are moving to Brighton UK and need some advice, you have come to the right place.

Having been born and raised in Brighton and Hove there is nothing that we don’t know about the city. If you have time for a chat we can offer far more advice over the telephone about moving to Brighton UK because there is so much to say. Nevertheless, undaunted I will attempt to tackle this huge subject here. I will then go into our process for quoting for a move that is coming from outside Brighton. This is a slightly different procedure than organising your removals in Brighton.

Explore Brighton
This would be my first piece of advice. Take day trips, weekend stays, or a month long sabbatical if you can! This way you can really get a feel for the city and what it has to offer. You will then know exactly what you want and where you want to be. It’s the most important factor in deciding where are you want to live and what you want from life. Brighton definitely has so much to offer so take your time to really soak up each area.

The Marina
This is great of you have a boat or enjoy shopping and eating out. There is also a huge entertainment centre with cinema and bowling. There’s also a giant Asda there for the big family shop. It has great access to the whole city with brilliant transport links. For example:

  1. 16:21Brighton Marina, Brighton, UK


    0.3 mi (6 mins)
  2. 16:27Marina Village (N-bound)

    7 towards Hove

    16:43Old Steine south (Stop U)

It also has great access for your removals in Brighton to take place.

City centre
This is the vibrant hub where everything is going on. If you have an insatiable appetite for activity then this is your place. However, it is very noisy, especially at night so if you are a light sleeper this may not be ideal for you. Unless you get triple glazing.

Are you moving to Brighton UK?

Moving to Brighton UK
Then you must be prepared to have a lovely life. It is a beautiful city and people are so friendly. It is also an idealistic place so you must be prepared to gain a sense of what really matters, a responsibility towards the world, the environment and its inhabitants.
I believe that if you ask most of Brighton residence they would tell you that they were happy.

uk was the best idea they’ve ever had. Summed up in the metro
quite well.

You may have noticed that you needed type into google the exact words, moving to Brighton UK as there are a few Brighton’s in the United States which are also beautiful. Having lived in Boston for many years I am familiar with Brighton which is a neighbourhood of the city in Massachusetts.

Quoting for a move to Brighton UK

If you live far from East Sussex and would like a Brighton removals company then there are a few ways to have someone quote you accurately. If you are planning an office removals Brighton then these methods apply to you as well.

The best way to do this would be to on a video call.
You can take us through every room and tell us all we need to know. We can ask pertinent questions in real time. You can even show us the loft and the garage if the wifi permits.
We ask you to slowly going through every room while describing everything that you see. We will assume everything is coming unless you specifically otherwise.

Record Video
This is the same as the video option except you will be recording on your own. So be sure to go everything thoroughly as we will not be there to ask questions.
This method is very useful for us because we can re-watch the material over and over to make sure that we haven’t missed anything and get you the best price.

We can go through all items from your move and aspects that we need to consider to give you a full and precise quote.
The questions we will want to ask will be regarding:
The access to both sides of your move.
The full addresses of both load up and delivery destinations
List of items in each room
We will also need to help you guesstimate how many boxes, suitcases and bags there might be

Email, Item list or quote form
If you do not have a huge amount to move, such as a collection of furniture, a studio/bedsit flat and some 1 bedroom flats then we can offer you a
removals quote based on a list of items from yourselves. We will also want to chat with you but if your time is limited we can offer a price and service outline based on this.
You will need to go over the list above and make sure you have given us all the information we need. If you only have a small amount to move then you may want to save some money and opt for our man and vanBrighton service

You may find it easier to fill in the quote form on our website but this is up to you. It has tick boxes to save time and areas for all the other important information to fall into about moving to Brighton UK.

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