Moving House app reccommendations

Below you can find Gold Bear Removals Brighton top tips for moving house app recommendations that can help you with your move:

Here are some great tech apps that Gold Bear recommend looking into if you want to take your home or office removals to the next level.

There are a surprisingly large amount of apps out there when it comes to home removals. Here, we’ve identified our favourites for you, and given a brief rundown of each so that you can work out which suits your own specific needs the best. Moving house needn’t be stressful or hard work if you plan as well as possible in advance and have everything prepared as far out as you can. In this technologically able age that we live in, we rely on apps for all manner of things to assist us with our daily lives. From finding our keys to listening to music and even to getting pregnant, there really is an app for everything! So why not rely on an app to help you with what is widely documented as being one of the most stressful and full on times of a persons life – moving house!

From help with everything, from creating simple lists for all of those seemingly hundreds of things you have to remember when moving (redirecting the post! Changing your utility providers! Booking in your broadband company to come and fit you out in the new house! Researching schools and nurseries in the new area!) right through to weighing boxes and working out freight charges, there is an app for every eventuality.

Moving House app reccommendations
Read below to find out a little about our top pics for moving house apps. We’d also love to hear from you if you have another moving house app recommendation that we aren’t aware of! Our customers often ask us for hints and time-saving tips for making moving house as agile and simple as possible, and we like to be on top of the latest developments so that we can pass on any insights and handy knowledge!

Moving House app recommendations: our picks


Move Advisor:

Moving House app reccommendations
Our personal pick of the best is Move Advisor (available on Android & iOS. FREE) This app amalgamates the best of what the other apps have to offer in one user-friendly solution. It gives a great overview and helps people to manage every aspect of moving. It offers users a personalised “moving timeline”, which builds you a ‘to do’ checklist on a week-by-week basis, dependant on the scope of your move and the dates you’re working to.

It allows you to upload a personal home inventory section with you can add all of the rooms in your house to. You can even virtually pack items and work out how many boxes and how much space you will need.
Using an app like this is a great way to ease the stress of moving house. It’s ideal for people who like to plan ahead and stay ahead of the curve. There are often a lot of plates spinning when it comes to moving house, so finding a concise way to manage everything and checklists of all of those things that you might not of thought of is really beneficial.

If you want to talk about these apps or anything else removals related get in contact or if you would like to order a service then use our quote form.

Move Match:

Moving abroad or long distances and want to work out the weight of your household items for shipping? There’s an app for that! Check out Move Match (available on Android, and it’s free)Home Move Pro:

Moving House app

Are you an organisational whizz and want a place to store your moving checklists? As well as key contact info for everything involved in your move, from the address of your new local pub to your new letting agents details? There’s one for that too! Home Move Pro (an iOS app, and this too is totally free)



Moving house recommendations: the bits that apps can’t do!

Unfortunately, they haven’t created any apps that actually do the packing or moving for you! But that’s where we come in. At Gold Bear, we offer a comprehensive house-moving service across all aspects of your relocation.

Whether you and your family are moving house and you have a lifetime’s worth of belongings that need to be packed carefully and transported to your new dream home by one of our expert removals teams. Or perhaps you are after a simple man and van service – something no frills and cheaply priced. This often works well for smaller moves, either for small studio apartment moves, student moves, or if you’ve bought something in a shop that you’d like us to collect on your behalf.

So while there may not be a moving house app that will do the whole job for you on the market quite yet – (although who knows how long it will be with the way technology is evolving!) we can really help you figure out those hands-on bits that you needn’t do by yourself. Our services are wide and varied and we have a solution to support all of our customer’s requirements. Get in touch with one of our expert moving house customer services staff today and we will help you figure out the right option for you. We look forward to talking with you about your move soon!

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