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Are you on the move? If so, there isn’t a lot you can do without moving house boxes! Call Gold Bear removals Brighton for our quality supplies.

Moving house boxes are an integral part of the process. Whether its for compiling heavy items like records and books, or for safely transporting delicate ornaments and precious belongings.


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Our boxes are all double walled and made out of corrugated cardboard. This is a combined material, which is paper based. It involves either one or two “flat liner” boards, and is made out of a fluted corrugated medium.


A brief history of cardboard boxes

The cardboard box was first invented by Sir Malcolm Thornhill back in 1817. However they took a lot of time and money to produce so never caught on. But later in the same century, a man named Robert Gair from Scotland developed a more economical option. The discovery came accidentally, when a worker accidentally chopped through a thousand of paper bags in one of his factories. He started producing them in Brooklyn

Now with a plethora of uses throughout the world, the corrugated boxes first use was for packaging pottery and glass containers. This limited use was then developed at a later date in the 1950’s. As this point, it was used for fresh produce to be safely carried from the farm it was grown in to the retailer without bruising. With this improvement on return, the attraction caught on, with other industries quickly adopting the same method for their imports and exports. They were far more practical and lighter than previously used wooden crates.

Nowadays, boxes are often used in just about every industry going to some degree or other! But in our industry, moving house boxes are king. It’s hard to imaging that we would be able to get very far without them.


Why are moving house boxes corrugated?

Corrugated boxes are the most durable, economical, versatile and light material boxes going. This means that they are ideal for a wide number of uses, but especially handy in removals. When moving home, a huge amount of items are transported at one time, ranging from light delicate items to very heavy. The quality of cardboard is important as its the thing standing between your belongings getting from A to B safely and not.

Corrugated boxes are perfect for this – they are extremely strong, and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Not only that, the rigidity of the corrugated moving house boxes means that they have a cushioning affect on your precious belongings, and protects them. They are also very tear resistant, meaning they can withstand all kinds of stacking, storing and shipping.

Through advances in technology, packaging production companies have been able to create corrugated boxes which are 20% lighter than 10 year ago. Plus if anything, these lighter boxes which use less material are more structurally sound than ever.


Recycled moving house boxes

In the UK, over 5 billion (yes, BILLION) corrugated boxes are used each and every year. This is the equivalent of nearly 85 per person across the country. Plus the average family living in the UK throw away around 6 trees worth of paper and cardboard per year. Thats why we believe so strongly in using recycled moving house boxes for every move we do.

We are real advocates of this, and only supply our customers with recycled boxes . Corrugated moving house boxes are made up of 75% recycled materials anyway, but they are so durable that using them more than once makes sense. The procedure to recycle them is quick and only takes about 2 weeks, but there is unnecessary processes and energy used in this. It equates to around 1/10th of the energy used in the whole food supply chain. So we only believing in recycling when its really time.

The recycling rate of corrugated cardboard is the highest across all different types of packaging in the whole world. In the UK, 84% of  corrugated packaging produced is recycled. This is a great feat, and is the equivalent of 2,000,000 tonnes of British waste being saved from landfill.

So, the most important thing you can do when moving is used recycled moving house boxes and packaging to transport your goods. We will even pick them up for you after your move so that they can go back into the recycling chain. You will be rewarded financially too, because we will give you a portion of your box price back when we collect your used boxes. Whats not to like!


Planting trees to offset our emissions:

At Gold Bear, we go one step further with our attempts to help the planet too. For every move we do, we plant a new tree in our customers name. This is to help offset the carbon emissions used during our moves and make us as neutral as possible. We have a partnership with Ringshall Grange in Suffolk where we go and plant trees. They are a stunning estate on listed ground. The National Forest Trust support them and all they do for wildlife and nature conservation too.

If you’d like to hear more about our process and what we do as a company, please get in touch and we can tell you more. Whether its removals and packing or just removals you’re interested in, we have a service to suit you. Our values go beyond just planting trees and recycled moving house boxes. We also believe in award winning customer service and excellence in value.

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