IKEA delivery to Brighton

If you are looking for an IKEA delivery to Brighton then you have come to the right place. Gold Bear Removals Brighton make regular trips to the Croydon branch of IKEA which is quite near to Brighton, just about 40 to 45 minutes away from Brighton city centre. We offer a multi drop the price as we make regular pick ups for our customers and bring them back to Brighton.
We can also set it up for you.

Our IKEA man and van delivery to Brighton service

IKEA assembly delivery
We all know what an ordeal going to IKEA can be. Even though IKEA is quote near Brighton it’s the endless runway of frenzied consumerism that can drive you into a state of madness.

We also offer an IKEA assembly service to save you fumbling around with screws and allen keys for the whole day. We are well versed in IKEA assembly and our removals Brighton experts have probably put together over a quarter of a million pieces of IKEA furniture in our ten years of removals! Our teams of workers know most pieces of the longstanding IKEA range better than they would like, and are very speedy at putting together even the largest, most intimidating of items.

We also have a wealth of knowledge about IKEA items so if you wanted any advice please do not hesitate to call and we can discuss your different options to suit your specific needs. We can even pop round before we go to IKEA to get a feel for your apartment and help you choose the right items for IKEA delivery to Brighton. We will then know that your items will definitely fit once the IKEA assembly service has taken place. Get in touch for more information on how we can help with this.

We can offer very low rates as we pick up many items at the same time for many different people. We also Carry out many removals near IKEA so if you needed something quickly we are able to pick it up with a man with a van either before or after a job. We can even possibly deliver it to you the same day or the next morning. If you only have small items to be assembled and delivered from IKEA we can reduce your costs further with our man and van Brighton service. It’s not only very cost effective and efficient, it’s also fuss and quibble free.

IKEA pick up and delivery to Brighton is one of the many ‘removals in Brighton city‘ services which we provide for our customers. Which we perform efficiently and professionally and as always with great care and positivity. We will turn this normally horrific affair into a pleasurable event. Simply select your favourite items from the IKEA catalogue or online and let us know what they are any specific list so that we may check it precisely and make sure we have every last item. We will call you when we are at IKEA to double check the list with you so as to get everything your heart desires from this Scandinavian Mecca. All roads lead to IKEA and we will be out it was a truckload of your goods. Ready for you to DIY your brains out and adoring your walls with pleasant soft furnishings.

IKEA delivery to Brighton – our knowledge

An IKEA assembly service takes time, patience and a bit of experience. It’s not that difficult but we can imagine that your time is better spent elsewhere. So let us save you some time and stress. We have all the related tools onboard and we even have a specific IKEA assembly tool kit. This contains mostly little allen keys and miniature wrenches that you get as standard with your items but it also contains motorised hand-held gizmos that speed up the process no emd. They are gentle but precise tools that are immeasurably helpful. Sometimes your allen keys and wrenches aren’t included in your item that you have bought so when you have gotten your prised possessions back home you realise you cannot fully set them up. That’s why we carry a spare set.

You may also find that the correct screws and bolts and plastic bits are nowhere to be found. There can’t be anything more demoralising than if you have battled your way through the ideas stage, suggesting units to your partners and creating a moodboard of what will work. Then finally getting to IKEA and enduring the endless product parade and THEN finding that all the pieces of the puzzle have not been included. All these services are also available for office removals Brighton as well as for domestic removals. We have put together entire offices of new flatpack goods, from hundreds of desks to filing cabinets, draws, tables and chairs and even fitting an entire IKEA kitchen into a new work space!

IKEA delivery to Brighton is fast!
If you want any more information or advice on our IKEA delivery to Brighton then please get in contact as soon as you can. This service is booked up very quickly so do not delay. We always aim to pair your collection with that of other customers, so that we can ensure you receive the cheapest possible price for your service. You don’t want to be paying over the odds for only a few items. Gold Bear is one of the leading removals firms in the Brighton area and your satisfaction is our only concern. Get in touch today to endure your delivery or removal goes as smoothly as possible.

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