Moving House in Brighton – Moving Guide

We’ve heard it said that moving house in Brighton or beyond is up amongst the most stressful things you can do. Some stats even site it in the top 5 – next to getting divorced and someone close dying!! Whenever we hear this, we’re always surprised. We know that if you have the right, well trained team on side to help and you have done some forward planning, it really doesn’t have to be that hard. This is why we have put together a Moving House in Brighton: Moving Guide just for you.

Here are a few tips to help things go as smoothly as possible on the day you are moving house in Brighton. We also have various other articles and checklists on forward planning, including guides to decluttering, which you can check out too if you go to our blog.

Moving House in Brighton – helping with packing

When packing to plan for moving house, be sure to label all boxes with which room the contents belongs in, along with a brief description of what’s inside. Either writing directly onto the box with a sharpie or using sticky labels is fine, but make sure its clear both on the top and side of the box so you can see whats inside even when they are stacked up.

This stitch in time will not only help you when physically unpacking items the other end, it will also help your removals team know which room each box should go in when they are unloading. A good, reliable removals firm should be conscientious enough to place the boxes in relevant rooms where they can, instead of just throwing the boxes into the new house at random. At Gold Bear, this is all part of the service for us. We don’t cut corner for our customers moving house in Brighton or beyond


Moving House in Brighton – time saving tips

It’s always a good idea to keep a little overnight bag to one side in the removals van that you can access easily. This should contain the things you can’t live without until you start unpacking properly. Things like toiletries, a change of clothes, phone chargers and any medication should go in this bag, along with your moving home contact lists and addresses/vital info you will need for your new home.



Put any bolts, screws and foot ends from furniture in a little bag, even a freezer bag will do, which you can stick it its furniture counterpart with masking tape so no vital pieces get lost. This is a really useful stitch in time and will ensure you don’t lose these bits and spend forever trying to find them!
Its always a good idea to flatten down some cardboard boxes to lay down and protect your flooring from getting marked or scratched. The removals team will know all about this already, but always be sure to move furniture into the new house first. It saves a lot of time as otherwise you’ll end up juggling all of the boxes around again to make space.

If you’re putting furniture back together yourself, make sure to keep some basic tools, like alan keys and screwdrivers, somewhere easily accessed. Most of our customers prefer us to do this part though, and we’re very speedy at it!


People take all kinds of strange things with them when they move out of their house, and we can never quite figure out why they often take lightbulbs too! Surely it’s just as easy to pick some new lightbulbs up! Apparently not. Make sure to take some with you when you move – it may save you an inconvenient trip to the shop mid-move


These tips give you a small amount of extra work ahead of time, but will save you tones more time in the long-run, and you’ll be thankful of it when it comes to unpacking! And they you can get straight on with enjoying your new home! Don’t let moving house in Brighton or beyond be a stressful task.

Another key tip which should go without saying but which people seem to forget – is that cutting corners with costs on things like your removals company will often end up costing you more stress and time in the long run. Going with a reputable, well established and well known company will ensure that you get a great service. Paying rock bottom prices may seem attractive on the face of it, but dig a little deeper and you will find that it quickly becomes a false economy. Slap dash removals cause problems and breakages. The costs associated with moving house in Brighton are largely the same regardless of which company you go for, so a company who is willing to charge a lot less than others normally mean that they are cutting corners in other ways. For example – using inexperienced, poor quality staff or skimping on things like insurance, which is obviously a highly important part of any service. Always vet your company well, because with the best will in the world, the above time saving tips will all be obsolete if you book the wrong firm who mess up spectacularly.

Get in touch with Gold Bear and we can help you with moving house in Brighton today. Or if you would prefer to talk in person or via email then please get in touch though our contact page or our quote form.  If you need any info on moving then check out our other guides such as Moving house checklist.

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