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Are you looking for the best moving companies Brighton has to offer? Look no further! We’ve put together this article to detail all the different kinds of services available in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

There are lots of different Brighton removals who all offer different services. The kind of service you require will depend entirely on the kind of move you have. As you can imagine, the skill set and manpower required for a family relocating to South of France with a 5 bedroom house is different from a student moving their one bedrooms worth of belongings into a new halls of residence. Likewise, an office move is structured in an entirely different way to a single item delivery service moving a chair between two locations.

If you need an in-depth guide to moving check out our page Moving in Brighton made easy.

How to know what you need when picking moving companies Brighton

There are many decisions at play when it comes to selecting the right moving companies Brighton has to offer. Firstly, you must ask, what kind of removals job do you need? Are you moving from Brighton to Aberdeen? If so you’ll require a company who do are well versed with long distance moves. Are your family outgrowing your current home and you’re upscaling to somewhere bigger? You’ll require an experienced domestic removals company. Are you upping sticks and relocating to mainland Europe? If so you’ll require an international removals company with all of the relevant international insurance permits and correct vehicles. Do you have a small amount of items that need moving, perhaps from a studio flat or a student halls of residence? Then a van and man service is probably well suited to you. Maybe you’re a local furniture shop owner who wants to transport a restored sofa to a local client. A single drop service would be best suited in this circumstance. Or maybe none of the above are relevant and you are a business owner moving shop premises or office to London.

There are countless variables and things that you need to take into account depending on the type of move you have. So here, we’ve briefly detailed the broad different types of moving companies Brighton has, and which may be best suited. In this guide, we will help you narrow down the type of company that you need. We can save you time and stress with telling you what to look out for when picking your company

Moving companies Brighton van

International moves

If you’re moving abroad, you will need to make sure you use an experienced company.Not many small
removals companies-east-sussex travel abroad. They must have all of the relevant insurance and requirements of the country you are moving to. For example – its illegal to drive in France without a breathalyzer. As well as reflective triangles, a high vis jacket and many other items that a UK removals company wouldn’t carry as standard.

Check to make sure that the company you select are FIDI accredited. This is the association of international movers. Companies have to meet very strict requirements to qualify and keep their accreditation.

It’s also good to make sure that the company is a member of OMNI (Overseas Movers Network International). It’s also good to make sure that they are ISO 9002 Certified. They should be happy to answer all of these questions for you without any questions asked.

As with any removals quote, make sure to get it in writing.


Long distance moves

It’s important you pick carefully when selecting removals companies Brighton who understand with long distance moves. Their vehicles need to be in good shape and relatively new: most old Lutons, which a lot of removals companies Brighton use, will struggle to travel long distances.

If you have quite a lot to transport, you will save time and money using larger 7.5-tonne vehicles. These are twice as big as a Long wheel base extended Luton van. Using one of these vehicles instead of 2 smaller vans means you save on petrol, manpower and carbon emissions as well as cash. Some also contain a sleeping cabin in case the driver needs to sleep there overnight, depending on distance! At Gold Bear, we have a mixture of all vans and can scale them up or down depending on the size of the move.

We carry out multiple long distance moves every month, stretching right across the country. We tend to load up our customers the day before the move so that we can make an early start the next morning. If we’re packing our customers belongings too, we tend to do this the day before the load. Depending on the services you require, we can even unpack all of your boxes the other end at your new house. We can also take away any packaging with us so you don’t have lots of clutter.


Move to storage

We spend a lot of time moving customers in and out of storage in and around Brighton. It’s a perfect solution if you’re house isn’t ready to move yet and you have a gap between lets. It’s also a great solution or if you’re going traveling and abandoning home all together for a while.

Moving items into storage normally takes a little longer than domestic moves because of the different processes involved. However because we don’t have to wait around for keys on the day, it can often end up saving our customers time!

At Gold Bear Removals Brighton we know all of the local storage facilities. However, we get excellent rates from our partners Pelican Storage in Shoreham. If you are planning a removals worthing this could be ideal for you as well.

If you require a packing service or would like to do it yourself then check out our packing materials page for more in-depth info on the different products and options.

How much space do I need? 

When determining how much storage space a customer needs, there are a few key factors to consider. First, the customer should make a detailed list of all the items they plan to store. This list should include not only the larger items, such as furniture and appliances, but also smaller items such as boxes, bags, and containers. The customer should also consider the size and shape of the items, as certain items may take up more space than others.
Next, the customer should measure the dimensions of their larger items, such as sofas, armoires, and refrigerators. This will give them a better idea of how much space these items will take up in the storage unit. They can also use this information to plan the layout of the unit, ensuring that items are stored in a way that maximises space.
The customer should also consider how long they plan to store their items. If they only need to store items for a short period of time, they may be able to get by with a smaller unit. However, if they plan to store items for an extended period of time, they may need a larger unit to accommodate all of their items.
It is also important for the customer to consider the climate conditions of the unit. If they are storing items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity, such as electronics or artwork, they may need a climate-controlled unit. Climate-controlled units are typically more expensive than standard units, so the customer should factor this into their budget.

Finally, the customer should consider any additional services they may need, such as insurance or packing materials. By taking all of these factors into consideration, the customer can work out how much space they need and provide a detailed list to their removal company to help them.

Moving companies Brighton truck
Moving companies Brighton truck

What is the process for moving in and out of the unit?

The process for moving in and out of a storage unit can vary depending on the facility and the services offered. However, there are some general steps that are typically involved in the process.
First, the customer will need to choose a storage unit that meets their needs in terms of size, location, and amenities. They will then need to sign a rental agreement and pay the required fees.
Next, the customer will need to prepare their items for storage. This may involve packing them in appropriate containers, such as boxes or plastic bins, and labeling them clearly. They may also need to disassemble larger items, such as beds and tables, to make them easier to move and store.
On the day of the move, the customer will need to load their items into a vehicle and transport them to the storage facility. They will then need to unload their items and move them into the storage unit. It’s important to use appropriate equipment for the moving such as dollies, furniture pads, and moving blankets to protect items during the move.
When it comes time to move out of the unit, the customer will need to give notice to the facility and schedule a move-out date. On the move-out date, the customer will need to remove all of their items from the unit and return the unit to its original condition. The customer should also be prepared to show the facility manager the unit, to ensure that it is empty and undamaged.
Some facilities may also offer additional services such as move-in/move-out assistance, packing, and storage insurance. The customer should inquire about these services and factor them into their budget when planning their move.
In summary, moving in and out of a storage unit typically involves choosing a unit, signing a rental agreement, preparing items for storage, loading and unloading items, giving notice and scheduling move-out date, and returning the unit to its original condition. It’s important to plan ahead and be prepared for the move to make it as smooth as possible.

Make a detailed list of your belongings going into storage so you know what should be coming out
Taking an inventory of belongings when moving into a storage facility is important for a number of reasons.
First, an inventory helps the customer to keep track of all of their items, which is particularly important if they are storing items for an extended period of time. A detailed inventory will allow the customer to easily locate specific items when they need them, which can save time and reduce stress.
Second, an inventory can help the customer to plan their storage space more effectively. By knowing exactly what items they have, they can ensure that they choose a unit that is the right size and layout for their belongings. This can help to prevent the customer from overpaying for a larger unit than they need or struggling to fit all of their items into a smaller unit.
Third, an inventory can help the customer to protect their belongings. By keeping a detailed record of their items, the customer can ensure that they are properly packed, labeled, and stored. This can help to prevent damage to their belongings during the move and while in storage.
Fourth, an inventory is important for insurance reasons. Having a detailed inventory of items can help the customer to make an insurance claim if any of their items are lost or damaged. The inventory should include a description of the item, its value, and any identifying marks or serial numbers.
Finally, an inventory can also be useful when it comes time to move out of the storage unit. By having a detailed record of their items, the customer can ensure that they have removed all of their belongings from the unit and that nothing is left behind.
In conclusion, taking an inventory of belongings when moving into a storage facility is an important step in the moving process. It helps customers to keep track of their items, plan their storage space effectively, protect their belongings, assist in insurance claims and ensure that nothing is left behind when moving out. It’s best to make an inventory list as detailed as possible, including descriptions, values, and identifying marks or serial numbers, to make the process as smooth as possible.

Here are some helpful questions to consider if you are moving into storage:

Are there any additional fees (e.g. administrative, late payment)?

Are there any size restrictions for the unit?

Are there any special amenities offered (e.g. carts, dollies)?

Can I pay my bill online?

What is the process for making a complaint or reporting a problem?

Are there any other services offered at the facility (e.g. mailboxes, shipping services)?

What items do I need to store?

How long do I need to store my items?

What is the cost of the storage unit?

What is the cost of any additional services (e.g. climate control, insurance)?

What are the access hours?

How secure is the facility?

What are the facility’s hours of operation?

Is the facility easily accessible by car or public transportation?

Are there any restrictions on the types of items that can be stored?

Are there any discounts or promotions currently available?

Get in touch with us at Gold Bear about a domestic, office or long distance move of any shape or size. We will be happy to go through everything in more detail. We are one of the more established moving companies Brighton has to offer. Whether you book us or not, we are happy for you to just pick our brains and discuss options.

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