Fly-Tipping Is On The Rise In Brighton and Hove

Fly-tipping in Brighton and Hove is on the rise… You may have heard the piece […]

Removal Companies in East Sussex

Are you looking for removals companies in East Sussex? Gold Bear offers a comprehensive and reliable removals service to the whole area. Whether you’re moving house and require a full service removals operation, including everything from packing up your belongings the day before so you don’t have to be hands on at all, or something more casual like a van and man service, we offer many different packages to suit our customers needs. As a company we also specialise in office and corporate removals. Get in touch today for a no fuss, obligation free quote.

Removal Firms in Brighton

There are many removal firms in Brighton – so how do you chose the right one? Especially when so many profess to be removal Brighton experts. That should be relatively straght forward. The number one thing to look out for are companies who not only appear professional, but have all of the insurance and cover to prove it too. The worst think that could happen is for an uninsured company to handle your precious belongings and for something to go wrong. Always look for companies which have the best customer feedback and reviews. Longer standing companies who have the money to invest in marketing are usually a good bet too.

Brighton Removals experts

It goes without saying that we are removals experts. Having been in the business for many years, all of our team – from managerial right down to porter – have decades of on the ground knowledge and expertise. Countless returning customers have trusted us with their precious worldly goods time and time again. Whether its home removals, office removals, clearance or packing, we know what we’re doing. But we also pride ourselves as being experts in the lovely city that we serve: Brighton. Born and bred here, there isn’t a street in the city that our team don’t know or haven’t worked on. Get in touch with the Brighton removals experts today

Removals in Brighton City

So, you need some removals in Brighton city centre? You have come to the right […]

Hove Removals

Maybe you’re waiting on to complete on your first home, and it’s taking a little longer to go through than expected. Maybe you’ve found your dream rental apartment, but you need to move our of your existing flat before its ready. Sometimes when moving home, the dates don’t quite marry up. Which is why storage and removals in Brighton & Hove is necessary. You may need to just store your goods for a week overlap, or you may need something more long term. Our teams are very experienced with this kind of scenario. We can look at your requirements and help advise on what storage solution would be best. Unlike some other removals firms, we are completely impartial so can help with strings-free advice.

Removal Companies Brighton Guide

Brighton is home to a plethora of removals companies for you to chose from. Many are long standing firms, but a lot of newer companies have popped up over the years. You may think that all removals companies are more or less the same and offer the same kind of services and standards – but you would be wrong! It’s very important to get the measure of any firm you commit to before booking and understand how they differ. For example – we at Gold Bear are one of the few “green” companies in the city, and take measures to preserve our impact on the environment. Whichever companies unique selling point floats your boat, make sure to check a few factors carefully: one of the most important being that they are fully insured and have a good track record with previous clients. Read more here in our removal companies Brighton guide.

Removals Brighton Experts

We are Removals Brighton Experts. Not only are we experts in removals, having worked in the industry for so many years. But we also like to think that we are experts in our hometown Brighton, too! All of our team have been born and raised in Brighton & Hove and know the city like the back of their hand. We can bring an indepth local knowledge to the table, alongside expertise in removals and safely transporting your precious goods from A to B unscathed. There are a lot of longstanding reputable companies in the city, most of which we are friends with and have known for years. There are some great newer companies too, although some of them don’t stand by the same best practices as the more established.

Moving House in Brighton – Moving Guide

We’re here to help you take the hassle out of moving. Our life saving Moving Day: Moving Guide will guide you through a few small tweaks and stitches in time that could really help you in the longrun. From odd jobs like packing a mini bag to tide you over whole you’re unpacking, and buying light bulbs for the new house ahead of time, so you aren’t caught short. We all know that moving is fraught with potential stress and turmoil, but if you plan properly it really needn’t be a big deal.

Brighton removal company

Are you looking for a high-quality Brighton removal company? If so, there are many considerations […]

Removal companies in Brighton

Removal companies in Brighton come in all shapes and sizes. Some are long-standing family-run companies […]

Removal firms Brighton

Welcome to Gold Bear Removals Brighton. Below is some important information on the best removal firms […]

Removal Van Brighton

If you are looking for a removal van Brighton service then you have come to […]

Removals Hove

Welcome to Gold Bear Removals. We are the leading authority for all things removals Hove […]

Brighton removals company

When you book your Brighton removals company, there are a few key things that you […]

Moving companies Brighton

Are you looking for the best moving companies Brighton has to offer? Look no further! […]

Removal company Brighton and Hove

Welcome to Gold Bear Removals. The most professional and reliable removal company Brighton and Hove has […]

Removals Hassocks

Gold Bear provides removals in Hassocks too. Hassocks is a pretty large village as well as being a civil parish. It is located in the mid Sussex area of England. We service this pretty, picturesque tour and provide a tailor made removals service for all that reside there. Whether its a full removals service if you’re moving house, including packing and cleaning, or just a small partial move, we can help. We have also worked on other removals Hassocks, including small office and corporate moves. If you’d like one of the most reliable removals companies in Hassocks to look after your move, get in touch today

Pulp Fiction Removals

Removals is a serious business and we are proud to have Sam L as our […]

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Our Tree Planting Initiative at Ringshall Grange

Welcome to Gold Bear Removals Brighton As you may have seen on our eco removals […]

Brighton Moving

If you live in Brighton moving can be a tricky process! There are many reasons […]

moving house boxes

Are you on the move? If so, there isn’t a lot you can do without […]

House removals Brighton

Are you looking for house removals Brighton and Hove? If so, you’ve come to the […]

West Sussex Removals

Gold Bear Removals Brighton is a leading West Sussex Removals company. Operating in Brighton, Hove, […]

Brighton boxes

Gold Bear Removals Brighton is an eco friendly removals company that offers recycled Brighton Boxes. […]

Home Move Brighton

Welcome to Gold Bear Removals, your home move Brighton experts. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, […]

removals Brighton to London

At Gold Bear Removals Brighton, one of our specialties is large removals Brighton to London […]

small removals Brighton

We specialise in both large and small removals Brighton. As one of the leading removals […]

Packing materials of the highest quality

It’s imperative that you pack carefully and using packing materials of the highest quality.This is […]

Moving in Brighton made easy

Let us help take the stress out of moving day for you. Here you’ll find a helpful breakdown of everything you need to consider ahead of your big move, including often forgotten jobs like redirecting your post and who you need to notify, as well as how to prepare your white goods for transit. We also suggest some our tried and tested best practices for the big day itself, and give you a rundown of how things normally happen. Moving needn’t be stressful as long as you’re well prepared! Moving House Made Easy with Gold Bear Removals Brighton.

Packing boxes for removals

Let us talk you through some best practices when it comes to packing packing boxes for removals. Packing carefully will prevent any of your precious items from being damaged in transit. For example, packing heavy items into smaller boxes is key, while packing out larger boxes with lighter items and making sure to fill all gaps will stop boxes from collapsing. We’re a green kind of removals company, and pride ourselves on doing what we can for the environment. So using recycled boxes is a big part of this. Recycled boxes are easy to find and can be just as good quality as brand new boxes.

Secure Storage

If you need to place your belongings in storage, either longterm or just for a few weeks when you’re inbetween homes, it’s important to pick the right company. There are many secure storage companies out there which all have their merits and pitfalls. Having been an industry leader for so long, we at Gold Bear have seen them all, and have put together a comprehensive article of the things you should look out for an avoid when it comes to entrusting your precious belongings in secure storage.

Moving to Brighton from London

Are you moving to Brighton from London? Congratulations! We do hundreds of move each year for clients who are tired of the rat race and keen to step back a pace and enjoy all of the wonders Brighton has to offer. You’ll never want to leave once you’ve sampled the sea air for a few months! If this is you, it’s always a good idea to get an out of London removals company to move you. You will undoubtedly save money by going with a company in less costly Brighton. All of our teams know the city like the backs of their hands, as well as being very well versed on the busy streets of London. Get in touch today and we can give you a quote on moving to Brighton from London.

Choosing a removal company

Choosing a removal company is an important decision that you should take your time over. For obvious reasons, it’s important that you vet proposed companies very carefully to make sure that they are trustworthy and legitimate. There are unfortunately a lot of cowboys out there, and putting your precious cargo in their hands isn’t a good idea. Always look for companies with great reviews who appear high up the searches in Google. This normally means that the company has more money and is more official. Always ensure that whichever company you choose is well insured. Reputable companies are insured not only everything they pack, but everything that they transport.

House Packing Service by Professionals

Take the stress out of packing and let the pro’s take over. Not only does enlisting a house packing service by professionals like the one we offer at Gold Bear save you time, it also ensures that your precious goods will be transported in the safest way possible. Professional packers pack by trade, and are excellent at wrapping and protecting everything from your ornaments right through to large pieces of furniture, preventing bumps, breakages and scuffing. Our packing service is fully insured. Our skilled team come in the day before your move, complete with all of the packing materials they need to get the job done quickly and seamlessly.

IKEA delivery to Brighton

The idea of making a trip out of town and battling the crowds at Ikea during your precious time off is somewhat daunting. That’s why many customers prefer us to do the hard work for them. We make multiple trips to the big Ikea in Croydon and often pick up items for more than one customer at a time, so can offer multi-drop prices with the cost shared across other customers. Just send us a list of the items you have in mind and a second selection of plan B items, should your first choice not be in stock. Our team will do your shopping and then deliver the goods straight to your door. We evenn offer an Ikea assembly and reassembly service, so that you aren’t left with lots of flat-pack items.

Moving to Brighton UK

You’ve come to the right place if you are new to the city and are moving to Brighton UK. All of our team are local, and we pride ourselves on being a local company with local heart. That’s not to say that we don’t do removals all around the UK, but Brighton, our home town, is where our heart is. We have a series of handy guides for anyone making the leap. From local contacts for the council and local Brighton services, we want to help you make your landing as easy as possible. So that you can start getting on with Brighton life and everything that the city has to offer right away.

Vans Brighton and Hove

This article outlines the different services available to you if you need a van to transport something within Brighton & Hove. As a professional removals company, we offer the whole service, which usually includes a fully staffed team to move you from A to B which includes vans. However, if you don’t have a lot to move and want something more basic and cost effective, we do offer a van and 1 removals chap service. This is usually paid by the hour, so you just pay for the time you use. Unless its strictly necessary, we always dissuade people from hiring a van themselves when moving. This usually works out to be a false economy, and causes much more trouble than it’s worth.

Boxes Brighton

Boxes are one of the few things that you can’t do without when moving home or office! Being an environmentally friendly removals company, we always advise our customers to opt for a recycled alternative to new boxes where possible. They are just as sturdy and reliable as new boxes plus they are kind to the environment too. If you are looking for recycled boxes, get in touch, we are partnered with a great company for this. Or if you’d like to try and source your own boxes to move house, we find that getting friendly with your local shop and asking them to save good sized boxes for you ahead of your move is usually a great alternative.

Office Relocation Brighton and Hove

Are you looking for reliable and trusted local corporate removals experts for your office relocation Brighton & Hove? Gold Bear is one of the leaders in this field. We can look after everything: from coming in to consult on your move ahead of time, to seamlessly moving everything to your new location and unpacking the other side, to moving and rewiring your computers and electrical goods. We can even work overnight to ensure that there is minimal downtime and disruption to your work flow.

Removals Hassocks

Gold Bear provides removals in Hassocks too. Hassocks is a pretty large village as well as being a civil parish. It is located in the mid Sussex area of England. We service this pretty, picturesque tour and provide a tailor made removals service for all that reside there. Whether its a full removals service if you’re moving house, including packing and cleaning, or just a small partial move, we can help. We have also worked on other removals Hassocks, including small office and corporate moves. If you’d like one of the most reliable removals companies in Hassocks to look after your move, get in touch today

Removals Quote Brighton

If you’re moving home and need a professional removals firm, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we talk though everything you need to know when moving house. It’s always a good idea to get a good overview of the market before confirming a given company, and you can do this by usuing several different methods. Professional, reputable companies are usually the larger companies that have the marketing budget to ensure tha they appear near the top of Google searches. A recommendation from a friend is always a good starting point. Or you can use lead comparison sites to generate quotes. Here, we talk you through all options and the which are the best to emply when it comes to getting a removals quote now.

Office Removals Brighton

Are you looking for office removals Brighton? Gold Bear specialise in this area. We can cover all sizes of office removals – from small artists studios right across to government labs and huge multinational companies with thousands of employees. We come in for a site consultation to understand your requirements and generate a quote. If you like the sound of the service, we will do a comprehensive moving plan for you to sign off, and provide you with any neccessary documentation and insurance that the company may require. We often work over weekends and through the night to ensure that your company doesn’t suffer any downtime as a result of your move or relocation. Get in touch today about office removals Brighton, and talk with one of our office experts.

Moving to Brighton

Moving to Brighton? Welcome to our wonderful home town! It’s one of the most vibrant, diverse and culturally interesting cities in the UK. Brighton has so much to offer and offers a wonderful change of pace and life focus for many. We have worked for years moving people into the city from all over the country and further. Our teams are all born and raised in Brighton & Hove and know the city really well. We often get comments from our clients about how helpful our local knowledge and advise is. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote if you’re moving to Brighton/

Man and Van Brighton

Are you looking for a no-fuss, low cost and hassle free man and van Brighton service? Get in touch with us today and we can help. Our company specialises in everything from large moves with a big team of workers right down to smaller, one or two man local moves. If you don’t have a lot to transport, maybe just a few items or the collection of a piece of furniture from a local Brighton shop, we can provide a low cost, low fuss service to suit your needs. Even if it is a small move, it’s important to go with a reputable firm who have full insurance and well trained, experienced removals men.

Moving house in Brighton with a Cat

Moving house with a cat can be tricky. It’s sometimes hard to know best practices – like what do you do with them on moving day? What happens if they get confused in their new environment and get lost? What is they become distressed in their new space – how do you calm them? We answer all of these questions and more in our handy “moving house with a cat” guide. We have a whole pet series, including moving house with a dog too.

Moving House app reccommendations

Moving house? There’s an app for that! We’re in the 21st century, and there seem to be apps for everything you could possibly need. So somewhat unsurprisingly, there are several moving home apps too. Here, we give you our top moving house app reccommendations. From calculating the time needed to move, working out how many boxes you’ll need, offering advice about where to pack first and how to systematically work your way through the house to helping you weigh your boxes for international freight, there really is an app for everything!

Removals Lancing – Guide

Lancing is a picturesque village with some gorgeous scenery. But with over 20,000 inhabitants, some struggle to give it the name “village!” This is why at Gold Bear, we are constantly in and our of Lancing moving our clients into and around the town. With lots of natural attractions like the beach, lagoon and nature reserves, Lancing is a very attractive prospect for many. If you’re considering a move sometime soon then read our Moving to Lancing Guide for more info on the what the village has to offer.

Moving to Shoreham-by-Sea

Shoreham-by-Sea is a pretty picturesque town, that sits on the coast of Sussex. As the UK goes, t is really quite a spectacular spot. Shoreham is surrounded by the rolling South Downs and sits at the mouth of the River Adur. Shoreham is populated by a wide diversity of people, and it is becoming more and more popular for younger families moving into the town from nearby Brighton and London, chosing a more relaxed and rural life approach instead. Read on for our guide about moving to Shoreham-by-Sea, and find out about what the place has to offer.

Removals Worthing – your moving guide

Worthing is a traditional British seaside town on the southern coast of the UK. Worthing is a vibrant and is home to an ever evolving town centre. The place is becoming more and more popular with young families, and we are seeing more and more couples and young families moving into the area from around the whole country. With primary schools which offer excellent Ofsted ratings, many people are favouring moving in with their young families and raising them there. Here, we offer you a moving to Worthing guide, complete with a rundown of the local vacinity and what you can expect, along with some useful contact info. If you’re planning a move to Worthing, do get in touch and we can talk about your move.

Moving house Brighton – checklist

There’s a lot to think about when moving house, including a lot of things that sometimes people don’t remember til months later. In our moving house checklist, we’ve outlined all of those small jobs and niggly details so that nothing slips through the net. We’ve itemised the jobs that need doing ahead of time, and detailed at which point you’ll need to acton them. Whether its two months ahead of your move, a few weeks before or even just the day before, we have made a neat and tidy checklist for you. From switching utilities to redirecting mail, we’ve got it covered so that you don’t have to worry about missing anything out!