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Are you looking for house removals Brighton and Hove? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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We get asked for advice from our customers a lot, for help on making sure their house removals Brighton goes smoothly. We thought it would be helpful to put together this guide for you, to make your removals day go off without a hitch.


Preparing for your house removals Brighton

Preparation is the key to a stress free removals day! It’s the golden key that could mean the difference between everything going smoothly and swiftly, or certain disaster. All too often we turn up for removals where customers are looking after packing themselves and find that preparation has seemingly started just a few hours before! Half of the house is still unpacked, ornaments are on the shelves, the fridge is full, and there is a huge last minute panic happening.

This is bad for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can end up costing you money – if your move drags on due to being ill prepared, it could end up costing more. Items are more likely to be broken having been packed hastily and thrown into boxes. You don’t get chance to have a proper sort through everything, so end up with lots of rubbish and old items in your new house. And thats before we even get to the stress levels! It’s tough for the removals team but can be even tougher on relationships with your partner and family. We unfortunately witness a lot of arguments on ill-prepared moves!

Preparation can never start too soon. The bigger lead time you have, the more chance you have to get properly organised.


Image (9)Have a good clean out ahead of your house removals Brighton:

Getting ahead of the curve means you have chance to get rid of any unwanted items in a considered way. A few months before your move, get a big box out. You can slowly start to fill it whenever you come across unwanted items. At Gold Bear, eco  matters are important to us, and we try and reduce items going to landfill as much as possible. So instead of chucking everything in the bin last minute, you have time to ethically dispose of individual items

Give items to friends: One persons trash is anothers treasure! Giving your friends chance to sift through old clothes and household items is a great way to streamline.

eBay: You can sell anything relevant and semi-valuable on eBay. This could help offset the cost of moving too!

Gumtree and Freecycle: This is a great place to get rid of any larger items that can’t go to the charity shop. People will come out and pick up items direct from your house. Whether its a bed frame or an old sofa, get your items listed on these platforms

Charity shop: Chose your favourite local charity shop and take your items down in bin bags. Do remember to take everything washed. Anything really stained or old will be thrown out their end, so its easier to bin these items yourself.

Recycle: Instead of sticking them in the kitchen bin, take anything that can’t be otherwise repurposed to a recycling depot. There are often big recycling units for separate groups of items in prominent local areas. You can have a look online and find your nearest drop-off.

Furniture donation services:

There are lots of wonderful charities that take your old furniture and give it to the needy. This is a great service and as long as the furniture is in reasonable condition and not broken, they will usually take it.

Here are some of the best local companies within Brighton and Hove.

Emmaus Brighton & Hove 01273 426480
Magpie Co-operative 01273 677577
YMCA 01273 885505
Martletts 01273 721188
Now! Charity (Lewes) 01273 487377
Age UK 01273 476704 ext 122






Local council: If you have anything left over at the end that you can’t get rid of, book in a slot with the council. They will be able to come and remove items like fridge freezers, beds and ovens safely. But their lead times are often quite long, so make sure to give them as much notice as possible. The council arrange 25 collections per day.

KSD Group Environmental Services 

Open between 8am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday

01273 608142


Moving ethically: house removals Brighton

Hopefully, the below will help you ensure that little goes to landfill ahead of your house removals Brighton! We believe passionately in recycling, upcycling and ethically disposing of unwanted goods. If the above solutions don’t work out for you for whatever reason and your unwanted items have had it, call us. We offer a clearance service. Here, we can collect everything unwanted before or after your move and take it to the tip. For this, we charge our normal hourly rate and pass you on the bill for the tipping costs. We don’t add a mark up on this, and don’t charge for anything but our time.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help before, during or after your house removals Brighton, get in touch! If you exhaust yourself with all of your preparation, we offer a packing service. Here, we come in the day before your move and pack up everything you’re keeping ready to move the next day.

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