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If you are looking for a removal van Brighton service then you have come to the right place. We have the most reliable, friendly and cost-effective removals Brighton has to offer. They come in all shapes and sizes. We have hourly rates available and set costs for all our vehicle and staff options.

If you are looking for a removal van Brighton service then the city has a lot of options for you to consider.
It is important for you as a customer to know some details about different removals vans in Brighton. That way, that you have a clear idea of what you will be getting on the day of your move. There are many options with varying costs. Each make and model have their own pros and cons. Some of these will be explained by your chosen Brighton removal company but some may not be. So learn as much as you can.

If you are looking for a removal van Brighton then you come to the right place
We have many types of removal vans in Brighton that are all different shapes and sizes and meant for different purposes. We will illustrate this in this article.

We will go into some makes and models of vans when it is necessary otherwise we won’t cloud the issue by giving you too much information. The most common removal van Brighton make is Ford & Ford transit with a Luton body. Other popular makes are Mercedes, Iveco, Volkswagen. Ford is the most common because they are the most durable and the cheapest to fix. Their parts are relatively cheap compared to say, Mercedes.


Removal van Brighton: large vehicles 7.5ton

All of these vehicles have short, medium and long wheelbase models. They also have extended models which are slightly longer. The Ford Transit Luton and with an extended wheelbase is about 13.6 inches longer than The long wheelbase model. It may not sound like much but this can really be crucial. But when trying to fit on your last heirloom before your house sale completion goes through.

If you imagine the back of a van 13.6 inches spread across a whole cross-section of the van adds up to quite a lot of space. And space is crucial to get those last items on.

We have all removal van Brighton options available for you including 7.5-ton vehicles.
7.5-ton vans, like the name suggests, can hold a lot more weight safely and legally than the 3.5-ton vehicle. They have space and capacity to hold about 2 Luton vans worth of contents. A Luton van can hold about 80 ft.² whereas a 7.5-ton vehicle can hold twice that, 160 ft.². The internal space is 7ft 10 inches high and 7ft 3 inches wide.

The only difficulty comes if you are living in a city or small hamlet that does not have wide roads. These vehicles are approximately another foot to 1 foot and a half wider than Luton vans. They are also about 10 feet longer.
The overall length is about 26ft (7.9 metres). Height may be an issue as well as they are 11ft and 10 inches (3.6 metres)

Some people live on a street with insufficient parking facilities. Which may mean you may be better off by hiring a company that has to Luton vans. Then you can load up one van and swap it over with a new vehicle when that one is for that.

Removal vans Brighton: Luton vans

Luton vans are about 6 feet wide which means they are only a foot to half a foot wider than a car. They are about 7ft high inside the back and the floor space is about 13.6 feet long. In total, they are about 22ft in length. This is ideal for parking in small streets. They will not disrupt the traffic or cause any problems. There are also easier to park

If you are traveling nationwide or even into just the next county it was a good idea to use 7 1/2 ton vehicles. They have the capacity to legally and safely hold much more weight. If you have packed a Luton full to the brim it will be very far overweight. This will incur fines and penalties points for the driver as well as holding your move up massively.

Not only this but they will stop you at the side of the road and your vehicle will not be allowed to move until the weight has been taken off the vehicle. This means that your worldly possessions will be removed from the removals van Brighton by your and placed on the side of the road.

Your removal van Brighton will need to send make repeated trips from the weighbridge to your next destination in order to transport your belongings. If this turns out to be a long distance then your belongings may well be ruined. They do not provide a shed, warehouse or any kind of shelter for you to store your belongings in at the weighbridge. There are 3 main weighbridges in East Sussex that removals companies need to be aware of. 1 in Shoreham on the M27 on the way to Worthing and another near Newhaven. There is a 3rd main one on the eA23 going out of Brighton.

Removal van Brighton: vans

Alternatively, you could send for another removal firm to pick up the goods. You may indeed end up in a legal dispute over who is responsible for this, are you or your removal company? Again another reason to get as much information before your move as possible.

VOSA patrol the motorways of England and if they see your vehicle they know the warning signs to tell if you are carrying too much weight.

Things that give this away are a slow gentle swaying of the van. This indicates that you have so much weight on that it moves almost like a whale, slowly rocking under its own weight.


Removal van Brighton: small


Removal van Brighton
Generally Ford Transit vans are used but a lot of different companies produce a similar style removal van Brighton . They also have long, medium and short wheel base options available.
They are generally good fo r small removals and single items drops. Good for getting around town or going long distnce.

In conclusion, there is a lot to consider regarding your removal van Brighton rental. The success of your move depends on you learning as much as you can. Please give us a call to find out more. We have so much more information for you and we’re happy to chat anytime.

We hope you enjoyed our removal van Brighton guide!

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