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Are you moving house? Do you need a removals quote Brighton? Finding the right removals company needn’t be hard.

We will give you tips to getting a great quote for moving from a number of different sources including but phone, email, comparison websites and lead generation sites.

At Gold Bear Removals Brighton, we specialise in house removals and office relocations in and out of Sussex and reaching further afield into London and the surrounding south-east. Get in touch for your removals quote Brighton and Hove now!

Choosing the right removal company can take the pain right out of the moving process. Make sure you vet any companies that quote you. Check their testimonials and ask lots of questions about their process, as everyone works differently.

This quick removals quote guide is also good if you are looking to organise office removals.

Removals Quote Brighton By Phone
The quickest way to get a quote is by calling up a few companies immediately. They will give you their prices and you can make a judgment right away.
If you have more time available and do not need to secure a company straight away then invite them around to give you a home visit.

Our expert team do this job all day every day and know how to keep the calm in a potentially stressful situation while carrying out the job at hand seamlessly. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we have a service to suit you.

As a company, we care a lot about the environment. We have a partnership with Ringshall Grange in Suffolk, where we plant a tree for every move we carry out. So you’re safe in the knowledge that your carbon emissions have been offset, and that there is a tree growing in your name!

Ring us for a removals quote Brighton now: 01273 569024 or 07449 737267

Via email
This is a great way to reach a number of companies quickly if you prefer to be contacted via email for whatever reason.

Either fill out their quote forms individually or if you have less time, write out your own inventory and moving addresses.
Here is a list of details you should include so that the company can provide you with a quote:

Personal info
First name
Last name
Postal code
Delivery info
Postal code
What floor you are on

List your furniture in each room
Kitchen & Bathroom
Living & Dining Room
Bedrooms & Study
Outdoor & Other
Packing Service
Date of planned move
Write any notes or message about your move

Get a home Removals quote Brighton now:


Removals Quote Brighton
If you are looking to organise the finest removals Brighton has to offer and need a quote pronto, it is always best to have the company come out and visit as soon as possible.

This are is our speciality. Whether you’re move is big or small, an apartment or a manor house (we’ve honestly done it all!) we can offer a service that is best suited for you.

When we come out to give you a removals quote Brighton, our operations manager will take some notes and assess your move, and we will put a competitive and fair price together for you based on your personal specifics, which we will then send across formally over email.

We offer a fixed hourly rate for smaller moves, and for larger, sprawling moves we can offer a flat capped rate, in case anything runs over on the day. This was you ensure that you aren’t overpaying.

Ring us for a removals quote Brighton: 01273 569024 or 07449 737267 or alternatively, you can input your items on our quotation page and we will look over the details of your move and call you right back

Receive a packing and removals quote Brighton now from Gold Bear:

We offer a complete home moving service that includes packing. Here, our team can pack up every part of your home for you, while you put your feet up or go out for lunch!

We will pack absolutely everything necessary, down to individually wrapping every last mug in the kitchen!

Our team normally arrive the day before your move, complete with boxes and all packing materials and protective packaging, and pack everything. Because they do this all the time and are experts in efficient packing, it takes a surprisingly short amount of time and is actually more cost effective than you’d think.

Some customers enlist us to just pack certain problematic areas that they can’t face themselves. Such as the kitchen, with all of the hundreds of small fiddly items, or maybe a study or areas with a lot of heavy books and ornaments.

Ring us or get in touch via the website for a packing quote now

Get an office Removals quote Brighton:

Our company specialises in office removals Brighton. Whether your office is a large sprawling place with hundreds of desks and complex technology that needs dismantling and rewiring the other end, or a small artist’s studio, we’ve moved it all!

Our Operations Manager will come out to you for an on-site visit, where we will assess your move and put together an in-depth moving plan. This is all part of the service, with no obligation.

Everyone’s move is different. Some companies, who can’t afford to have any downtime lost, enlist our team to work through the night on your move, so that your office is business-ready the next morning. Not only will we move all of your computers, printers and servers, we can even take care of all of the rewiring and technical stuff the other end.

Our team can take away all of your obsolete electrical items too, and recycle or upcycle them with our partners around the city.

Ring us for an office removals quote Brighton: 01273 569024 or 07449 737267

Clearance Removals Quote:

Do you have a shed that you’ve finally gotten round to clearing out? Or maybe a garage that’s bursting at the seams and is in desperate need of a spring clean.

We can come and pick up all of your items, and dispose of them ethically and carefully. We don’t like to see things going to waste, so where possible, we will recycle or upcycle your goods with our partners around town as a first option, before binning everything.

Please get in touch now either our contact page or on the phone for your removals quote Brighton

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