How can we help?

We can arrange to have your boxes plus any other products you may need delivered ahead of your move.

Gold Bear Brighton Removals has been supplying boxes to Brighton, Hove, Lewes and Worthing for many years. We only stock the highest quality double walled corrugated cardboard boxes. Like any good Brighton removal companies, we never use single walled cardboard boxes as they are too flimsy and lead to your belongings being damaged.


Reused or recycled boxes

We run a recycling scheme with the shops for house moving boxes in Brighton city centre and amongst the other Brighton removal companies. They receive deliveries of goods that arrive in sturdy cardboard boxes. Instead of having them picked up by another company and driven to a pulp site, or even worse, ending up in the bin, they give them to us. We sort through to make sure that they are clean and strong and get them directly to you, so you may start your packing process. Whether you are planning home removals in Brighton or office removals Brighton we have everything you will need.

As well as knowing that you have substantially reduced your carbon footprint before the move has even begun, we pass some financial savings onto you because it reduces our overheads for delivering high quality boxes in Brighton.

New boxes

If you are packing an office or business or need to have a brand-new boxes for any reason, we have a multitude of options available to suit every packaging need. These range from £1.50 and upward. We are also able to get you the best quality:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Picture boxe
  • Wardrobe boxes

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes to suit every possible packing eventuality.

Bubble wrap

Gold Bear Brighton Removals have many different varieties of bubblewrap, depending on whether you’re packing delicate China or wrapping up expensive canvases. It’s imperative to have lots of bubble wrap around your delicate items to protect them in transit.

Packing paper

This is surprisingly inexpensive but very essential to careful packing. When packing your kitchen, for example, you should wrap every individual piece of crockery and glassware with at least one sheet. It’s amazing how much protection it gives your delicate belongings.

If you need boxes in a hurry, please call immediately and we can arrange a free delivery for orders over £22.50.

And if you fancy putting your feet up and having us do all the packing then get in touch through our quotation form.