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When you book your Brighton removals company, there are a few key things that you should look out for.

There are a lot of removal firms around the city. They range from the long established to new startups. The vast majority of them are reputable, conscientious companies who abide to strict industry standards. But unfortunately, as in any industry, there are always some bad eggs and companies that aren’t up to scratch. But the good news is that, with the right research and due diligence, it is possible to avoid cowboys most of the time.

Here, we (Gold Bear Removals Brighton) have put together a few questions that you should ask yourself before booking in your Brighton removals company.

Image (5)Is your Brighton removals company insured?

This is a very important consideration. Any and all reputable companies will be fully insured. At Gold Bear, we attach our insurance papers to all email confirmations as standard to show we have nothing to hide. If you go with an uninsured Brighton removals company, you are essentially putting all of your worldly goods in jeopardy. If any breakages or accidents occur, you want the piece of mind to know that they will be fixed or replaced sufficiently.

Some companies are only insured for items that they have personally packed. At Gold Bear, we are insured for everything we touch or come into contact with during the move. We also have public liability insurance to cover all eventualities. Be steadfast about this – check the Brighton removals company documents and check them again.


Does your proposed Brighton removals company fill you with confidence?

The best rule here is to use your initial gut feeling and judgement to make a decision on the right company for you. Do they sound like they have the experience you would expect? Are they able to answer all questions you put to them helpfully and articulately? Are they polite and courteous? Do they come back to your emails and phone calls efficiently with the correct information?


Does what your Brighton removals company is offering suit you?

You should base your choices on the company that provides you the service you require. Everyone looks for something different in a Brighton removals company and everyone has different needs. Some have little to move and want a cheap service, satisfied with just one man and a van. Some people require a full packing service. Some require vehicles that are capable of driving from one end of the country to another. Some require a 7.5 tonne lorry, some require something much smaller. Every company offers something slightly different to their competitors and their differences may be what appeals to you. Bare in mind that the quote that suits you may not be the cheapest quote you get.

Look at each quote side by side and from all angles. Most companies quote in slightly different ways. For example, some companies include packaging and boxes in their quotes. Some have added charges if the time spills over. Some companies will charge more for Friday’s and weekends, and offer cheaper rates for early in the week. Again, any company worth its salt will be able to answer all your questions for you in an efficient and helpful manner.


Be wary of Brighton removals company quotes that seem to good to be true

…Because they often are. If a company is offering insanely low pricing, there may be a reason that they are able to be so competitive. Largely, any good, insured, reputable Brighton removals company will have similar overheads. It costs us all around the same amount for fuel, staff wages and insurance policies. If you’re looking at a much cheaper quote, if can often mean that the company is cutting corners somewhere along the line. Whether its paying inexperienced staff lesser than the going rate or cutting corners with their insurance policies, there may something going on. Ask questions.


Trust reviews when choosing your Brighton removals company

If you aren’t sure, a good starting point is to look online at reviews. You’ll find good impartial reviews on Google as well as platforms like Yelp and across various social media sites. Another great thing to do it so ask your proposed company for client testimonials and feedback . They should be able to send you some real customer reviews which should put your mind at rest. Asking friends for feedback is also a good way to help select your Brighton removals company.


We hope that this has helped you be more vigilant when you are choosing your Brighton removals company! Most firms out there are great and you should have no concerns, but these tips should help you separate out the good from the bad. If we can help you with any more advice or a quote, please do get in touch with us at Gold Bear .

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