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Welcome to Gold Bear removals Brighton. Below is some important information on the best removal firms Brighton has to offer. But first a bit about us. With years of combined removals experience, our company is a collective force of some of the local industry leaders.

Having worked across several removal firms Brighton, we spotted that there was a gap in the market for a firm that was a little different. Having years of experience locally gave us the opportunity to be on the ground with customers. This enabled us to truly see what people wanted from their removals experience, and what they expected in a company.

Many local removal firms Brighton and Hove offer by and large the exact same service. But using our customer feedback and our own personal values, with this company we’ve changed things up a little.

One of the most important considerations that came out is having an environmentally conscious removals company. Here, we talk though our eco initiatives as a company. We will dedicate another blog post to the other ways that make Gold Bear Removals one of the more unique removal firms Brighton has.


Removal firms Brighton – Eco removals:

Brighton is the greenest place in the whole country. As well as the inhabitants of Brighton and Hove consistently voting green, they care deeply about green issues.

Brighton was declared the world’s first One Planet City a few years ago. This is a high accolade, and was granted by sustainability charity Bio Regional. It basically comprises a wide set of initiatives and actions which support sustainability right across the city including Hove. It’s delivered by council officers, partners as well as single individuals in the city.

Unlike most other removal firms Brighton has, we wanted to address this issue. We started Gold Bear with a green outlook and do what we can to offset our carbon footprint as much as possible. And here’s how:

Planting Trees page

We plant a tree for every move we do. Every time a customer moves, a tree is planted in their name to help offset the energy used during their move. For bigger moves, we plant more trees. For huge office moves involving several vans and spanning multiple days, we sometimes plant as many as ten.

We have a partnership with Ringshall Grange, a beautiful site stretching across tens of acres in Suffolk. It’s owners are very environmentally conscious and spent a lot of time on green initiatives. We buy our trees then go down to the site to help plant them every few months. In any year, we help contribute to the planting of hundreds of new trees on the land. This helps improve the air quality

CO2 caused by car and van emissions amongst many other things contributes to climate change. Trees absorb this CO2 while releasing oxygen back into the air. In a single year alone, an acre of trees will absorb the same quantity of CO2 produced when a car is driven 26,000 miles.

Trees also absorb many different kinds of pollutant gases, some emitted by cars and vans. They filter these toxic particles out of the air. They do this by trapping them on their leaves and inside their bark.


Removal firms Brighton: Using recycled boxes:

We never buy or encourage the use of new boxes. To us it seems totally pointless and environmentally unsound when there are so many recycled boxes going spare. Why contribute to landfill if you don’t have to? Don’t worry – we make sure that all of our boxes are in fantastic, like new condition. They are all double walled, clean, stable, sturdy and reliable.

Plus it means that we can pass the saving of using pre-loved boxes onto our customers. New boxes can turn into a big cost if you’re packing up an entire house. Our used boxes only cost a small amount, and if you give them back to us to use again, we give you half your money back. We can drop them round to you ahead of your move, then come and collect them after you’ve unpacked.


Environmentally conscious clearance

As you can imagine, people want to get rid of all kinds of items when moving house. We HATE waste and go above and beyond to minimise this as much as possible. We recycle everything we can, by either upcycling or donating to charity. We have partnerships with many charities around the city, and offer them everything from unwanted furniture and beyond. Even if it is a little more work for us at our expense, we go above and beyond and drop items at different relevant places.

We only use government approved sites. There are a lot of dodgy cheap waste sites out there which are unregulated. You never know how the waste there is being disposed of. Everything is taken to our government approved sites to be stripped and recycled responsibly.

We hold full waste carriers licenses. We also have all of the legal documents necessary for companies to dispose of waste legally. Not all removal firms Brighton  have these, so its your responsibility as a customer to check. Unfortunately, it can come back on you as the customer and you may end up liable for this.


Removal firms Brighton: Using bio-diesel:

Where possible, we always use bio-diesel for our vans. You’d be surprised how easy this is and how few removal firms Brighton do the same.

There are one or two removal firms Brighton who claim to be green. While they undoubtedly have some green accolades, we try and do the most.


If any of this sounds of interest and you like the sound of the kind of removal firms Brighton we are and how we do business, get in touch. We will happily have no obligation chat, either on the phone or we will call round for a visit. Or you can fill your details straight in on our quote page


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