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Welcome to Gold Bear removals Brighton. All of our colleagues live in Brighton and have worked together for many years. They are all removals Brighton experts! We are friends with all the other long-standing removal companies in the city. We are available seven days a week by appointment.

Nothing can replace the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years. Which enables us to provide the highest quality removals Brighton service.

In the article below we have outlined some of the niche areas of knowledge and how they would directly affect you and your moving process in a positive way. This is just the tip of the iceberg to give you an idea how much lies beneath the surface of a good removals company.


Removals Brighton Experts Services

Choose the removals Brighton experts that have enough experience to take care of your move properly.

There are so many young, fly by night companies that have popped up. If you are starting a company that performs removals then our city is a great place to do it because of its large transient community. This means there is a lot of business.

However, you need a company that has been working in the city for a long time to get the best service. We know all the rules and regulations which catch out newer companies with less experience. This can cost you extra time and money. Time is obviously precious and so are your belongings so don’t risk any more stress than you need to. We provide the best removals Brighton experts that East Sussex has to offer.
Removals Brighton

We aim to do all we can to save you time and money. We also aim to give you the best possible experience. You will probably be dreading this day, but this is our ‘everyday’, and we enjoy what we do. We do this by careful planning, patience and relying on our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Local Road knowledge

Not many of the younger companies will have the deeper understanding of the city that we do.
Brighton has a tight road network that gets very jammed up in many places. You have to be able to circumnavigate these troublesome areas with skill and diligence.
The viaduct from Seven Dials roundabout down to London Road is particularly sticky at rush hour. As is Dyke Road at morning rush hour. Everyone piling in from the motorway. If people used the park and ride system this would reduce the clog considerably.

The motorway A27 South Coast Trunk Road that used to run closer to town down the Old Shoreham road is a good road to use when the coast road (Kingsway and Madeira Parade) is blocked with traffic or roadworks. A bypass was made in the 90’s around the city which eases traffic. Both can be used to get from one side of the city to the other. Mixing the two roads together with other back roads through Patcham and Hollingbury is also quite effective to make sure you keep perpetual motion.

Smaller removals companies vs established companies in Brighton

If you are looking to save money and use a smaller less established company for your removals Brighton service then you may well end up paying more in the long run. If you need to save some money you could opt for our man and van Brighton service.

Smaller companies will be looking to cut corners to save money their end. The costs of removals for any company are almost exactly the same. We all have the same vehicle costs, overheads and staff wages to pay. So when you start cutting corners it can be a dangerous scenario to enter into.

If a company is skimping on their resources you will be receiving substandard vehicles, packaging, straps and safety equipment on the vehicles. They could even be cutting down on overheads by not having the correct insurance.
You will also be receiving substandard, inexperienced staff who will not be being paid a professional wage to be able to carry out a quality move. These are not removals Brighton experts!

So give us a call for a chat for some more advice. Or fill out your details on our quote page

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