We planted 300 trees last year

Gold Bear are the pioneer UK removal company serving Brighton & Hove offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees.

At Gold Bear removals Brighton we consider ourselves to be an eco removals company

We care about the environment and have been doing something about it. It’s up to all of us to take responsibility.

For every move over £200 we plant a tree in the name of our customer. We plant them ourselves at a site in Norfolk.

Why? Because the vehicles that removals companies use produces carbon dioxide, which trees absorb. They absorb up to 910 kilos in 40 years and 22kg of carbon dioxide per year. We thought this would be the perfect way to make a difference.

We started the ‘Trees for Moves’ scheme 2 years ago and in the last year alone have planted over 300 trees to offset our carbon emissions. And we aim to better that next year.

We came up with this idea when staying at a hotel. The bathroom door had a little sign on it saying “Please hang up your towels so we know they do not need washing. Washing towels causes green house emissions so we pledge to plant a tree for every 20 towels re-used”.

We thought this was a revolutionary idea, and decided to start looking into doing this ourselves. We came to realise how difficult it was for small businesses to offset their emissions in general. We found a few people online who offered this service but were often expensive and difficult to set up. Until we came across the amazing project at the beautiful Ringshall grange.

Ringshall grange and Woodland Trust Tree planting Project

It was just coincidence that a few months into our research that we heard that our friends at Ringshall Grange in Suffolk were starting a tree planting project in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, and we jumped at the chance to get involved.

We joined forces with them to provide funding and hands-on help in actually planting the trees ourselves.

Ringshall Grange is an 8 bedroom Manor House 13.5 acres of fields in the gorgeous Norfolk countryside. They set out to plant thousands of trees to line the perimeter of the property and provide a beautiful woodland forest area within the grounds. This will give homes, shelter and breeding ground for all kinds of local wildlife.

Elbow grease

They launched their efforts with this post on Facebook.

“Project woodland has begun. Huge thanks to the woodland trust for their support, Gold Bear Removals for their sponsorship and family and friends we’ve now got 3200 tiny new native trees and hedgerow plants on site. All safely heeled into trenches and watered and we’ve begun planting them out”

The planting days were one of the most enriching projects we have ever been involved with. Ringshall received a huge delivery of the the trees on a cold morning in March 2017. Family and friends began carefully transporting the saplings from the front drive to the back garden. They were planted into a tree nursery where they would remain for the next few months until they were strong enough and big enough to be planted.

For companies

It is often difficult, time consuming and expensive for small businesses to have a way of offsetting their carbon emissions. So we thought why not make this easier and cheaper by giving them an opportunity of donating as and when they can to the tree planting scheme we’re running.

We are asking for donations of just £5 which plants 1 tree. Young trees absorb 13 pounds of CO2 each year.

We can give companies the green accreditation above that they can have on their vehicles, shop windows, websites and emails. We will also have them listed on our site as an approved member of green companies. This way customers can opt to use them over other companies. We would publicise their efforts on our social media platforms and periodically promote them throughout the year.

As any small business owner will tell you, it’s tough out there. If we are going to be able to do something about our carbon footprint then it needs to be easy and inexpensive. That’s why this scheme is ideal if you want to do something for the environment but do not have a lot of time or money to give. For example if you wanted to make a one off donation for an office removal you are planning.

All small businesses are welcome to help us on this journey.

For customers

If you do not own business it is still difficult for you offset your day to day emissions. So we offer the opportunity to our customers (or anyone) to donate a little toward planting trees. For every extra tree our customer plants, we will match. We would fully support them on social media and celebrate their efforts. We urge all other companies do do the same for their customers.

Other people directly involved in this chain are estate agents and insurance brokers and we strongly urge them to join us in this mission of turning the whole of the removals industry carbon neutral.

Get in touch to see how you can get involved.

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