Removals in Brighton City

So you need some removals in Brighton city centre or nearby? You have come to the right place. Our headquarters are based right in the heart of Brighton city.
We have easy access to get anywhere in our county to be able to give you a quote, drop boxes or even perform your removals in East Sussex.

Our prices start from £35ph for a man and van Brighton. For two men and a large Luton van prices start at £50ph for discounted moves.

To give you an idea Luton vans normally fit a very large one or two bed flat in quite comfortably. They are around 500-600 cubic feet. (If you need Storage Brighton then this should help to guesstimate what size of unit you may need.)

We have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience of moving in the city so call any time for a chat about the finer points of removals in Brighton City.

Here are some details for you to consider that could save you money, time and anguish…

Parking for Removals in Brighton City centre

If you have a large removal occurring on a road which does not usually have any parking spaces it is a good idea to reserve a bay.
Long wheelbase Luton vans need about 21 feet in total to park in which is the equivalent of to full car bays on the Brighton city council website.

It is easy to book these parking bays. Just go online and you can have it reserved and booked in a matter of minutes. All you need is the is the bay number Street and the vehicle registration.
This normally costs about £70 per car bay. It is expensive but very necessary if you have a single lane street and parked both sides.
This could also save you money and hassle in the long run and here’s why. If your removals Brighton company turns up and you have not reserved a bay they will have to park down the street. This will mean that the loading time will be increased dramatically. This will be reflected in the price (Directly if you are on an hourly rate).

If you need a 7.5 ton vehicle to move you then you will need to reserve about 30 feet of parking space. As for internal space they contain about 1200- 1400 cubic feet. (Again this could help you if you have to reserve a bay when you are booking a storage Brighton unit. If your removal company says it will fill half of their 7.5 ton vehicle this will allow you to get a specific storage quote. Then you can compare your storage quotes fairly and also start to make a budget.)

Removals in Brighton

Improvisational parking
If your removals Brighton is occurring this week and you do not have time to meet the minimum reservation requirement limits of 1 week then you are going to have to improvise.
One thing you can do is you can put bins out to mark your intentions, accompanied by a note. Or you could park your cars to protect your bays. You can even alert your neighbours the night before and rally everyone to help you. It can be embarrassing going round the houses but people will want to help.

If the road has two clear lanes of traffic and cars can easily overtake it is fine to double park and let cars take turns in overtaking.

Double yellow lines
If you are parked safely on double yellow lines and are not causing an obstruction you are able to use these for removals in Brighton city centre. You must make sure that the van is clearly in use and keep an eye out for a traffic warden as they only give you 20 minutes grace period. If you are inside the property for too long they will think that you are just parked there for no particular reason and give you a ticket.

If you keep the back of the van open and show obvious signs of activity then you should be fine. After all, you are carrying out a service for a Brighton resident, keeping the city thriving and bustling.

Queens Road and adjoining roads
When going about removals in Brighton city be warned that Queens Road and some adjoining roads are watched via CCTV and your ticket will appear through the mail. This is a similar situation to the way parking is run in London. Ruthlessly. Yes, the London ethos is seeping into Brighton. I suppose it is inevitable considering how the city is growing and blossoming. The city needs to develop cost effective ways of policing itself which end up in a cold impersonal feeling similar to The Big Smoke.

You will want to find your stop cock and isolation valves.
Remember to take meter readings from your old property and the numbers from your new house before you move in. This way you will be able to avoid unnecessary charges or confusion that can cascade on for months and mar the experience of enjoying your new home.

These tips are just as relevant if you are looking to organise office removals Brighton as well. Parking tickets, PCN’s, fines and charges can be passed on to YOU the customer if it is deemed that the necessary precautions and preparations have not been made, especially when they have been directly suggested.

Also make sure you know what you’re covered for! Make sure you get these in writing and explained fully.

Other removals companies in Brighton City
There are plenty of good firms in the city that can offer their 2 cents on how to operate removals in Brighton city but every case is different so get in touch now with us directly about your unique situation so that we can throw light on the subject.


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