Removal Firms in Brighton

There are many removal firms in Brighton but only a few that are worthy of note.

The purpose of this article is designed to help you navigate through the cowboys to get you a good Brighton removals company. In order for you to see the woods for all the trees, the wheat from the chaff, you need to do some research!

If you know what you are looking for then you stand a good chance of choosing a removal firm in Brighton that will perform your removals with competence and good customer service.

Removal Firms in Brighton Checklist

If this is a deciding factor for you then you will want to go with a smaller local removals company as they have fewer overheads and less levels of management. Layers of management equals inflated costs. Of course there are other things to be considered such as the fact that smaller companies have less infrastructure and their re-sources will not be as large. This could impact you in ways such as not having enough blankets or straps or vans for your size of move.

Large scale move?
If you are planning a large scale move then you may want to choose a company with larger vehicles. A lot of the local removal firms in Brighton have long wheelbase Luton vans which can normally fit a one bedroom flat in or a medium-size two bedroom flat in fairly comfortably. So for a four bedroom house you will need at least two of these possibly up to 4 if you have a lot of stuff in the loft or shared or have a go at garage full of nik-naks.

Smaller, local removal firms in Brighton have larger vans as well. 7.5 ton trucks that can usually hold around to Luton vans worth of belongings. Normally this reduces the costs as well.

Small-scale move?
In this case you will definitely want to use a small local removal firms in Brighton as you will receive a personalised service at a reduced rate. Larger national chains will also run small scale moves in long wheelbase Luton vans or long wheelbase transit vans but they are normally a little higher in price owing to the fact that they have larger overheads. You also will not receive a personalised service as their staff have no personal connection with the company. As opposed to local companies who employ local people play. Generally people who they know will do a good job and will care about the customer’s belongings. Also there will be man and van Brighton services available which may better suit your smaller removal needs and budget.

A local company? A national chain?

Corporate move or domestic move?
Are you planning a move for your company? Did you know that there are specific companies for corporate or, office removals?

Our company provides top level support and facilities for moving businesses. Generally your requirements are a lot different than a domestic move. For instance you will probably want to have sturdy big red crates for all of your delicate business tools and implements. Normally we have pack all your computers phones printers and business wingdings in there.

You are generally require more than the average number of staff members to be able to deal with the delicate and often large computer servers and large-scale industrial printers.
We also have trolleys and specially designed wheels or sack trucks for carefully transporting your delicate and heavy business machinery.

We carry out many office moves on a regular basis and have access to all of these essential tools and knowledge. Office removals are our specialties and we carry out numerous moves every year. Summer is the season where most office or corporate move to take place and we normally do nine or 10 large scale moves per season, so its a busy time for removal firms in Brighton. Please normally consist of about five floors of personnel and tech equipment.

If you are planning a domestic move then the likelihood is he will need such specific knowledge and you can go with some of the more everyday removals in Brighton.

The removal firms in Brighton that we recommend are

Removals firms Brighton

The Brighton Removals Company

Super mover
Smooth mover
Love removals
Ollies Removals
Roots manoeuvre removals

We work with them on a regular basis and we know for a fact that they all carry the correct insurances. They have all been around for a long time and have great teams who work for them.

If you require any further information on removal firms in Brighton then please get in contact as soon as you can so that we may guide you through this somewhat overwhelming process. We can take the sting out of the tail and help you get on track with your removals as fast as possible. You can reach us by the contact page or the quotation page or just by picking up the telephone. Someone will be there to answer your phone and answer any questions you have. First opinions matter: a good rule of thumb is to always pick a company with impeccable customer service and a great manner from the off. Whether thats your first point of contact or upon meeting the team on the quote face to face, use your gut instinct to help decide whether they are someone you trust.

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