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If you are looking for storage and Hove removals then we can guide you through all of the major aspects so that you can get the best out of the situation and meet all your needs. We have a great deal of experience in removals Brighton services and are happy to walk you through your options.

We are going to need to know a few things before starting this mission however. Here is a starter pack of questions to get you going:

What kind of Hove removals do you need?

How long do you need it for?

How much space do you need?
Are you moving home with no delivery address?

Are you between homes?

Do you have too much stuff in your house and need somewhere to store it all?

Do you need a solution to a lack of space?

Does it need to be near where you are living now or near where you are going to be living?

Do you need regular access to your belongings or can you go without seeing them for months at a time?

Call your Hove removals company as soon as you can to discuss all of these questions in depth so that you have them prepped and ready to take to your preferred storage company for quotes.

They will need all this information to be able to give you a precise quote and rundown of the service.

We will be able to tell you everything you need to know. It is much easier and informative to talk over the phone or in person about storage and removals Hove so if you have time schedule an appointment or consultation.

If you need to visit your goods regularly you will need to have a storage company that has good access at all times. For example, if you need storage for stock for your shop or items to be stored followinfg and office removals brighton you may need out of hours access which can be arranged easily but for an additional fee.


Companies such as:

Big Yellow Brighton

Big box Brighton

Alligator storage Freshfield

These all have good access and you will be able to retrieve items whenever you wish. They are also located close to Brighton city centre which is convenient for all transport links and main roads.


Storage and Hove removals explained

When your Hove removals company arrives at the storage facility you will they will remove everything from the van and pack it onto a trolley. (For smaller moves a man and van Brighton may suffice.)

These trolleys will then be wheeled into the building and possibly into a lift to get to your floor and then from there unloaded from the trolleys and repacked into the unit.

The reason I have explained this is because this takes extra time and can cost you extra money. If for example your Hove removals was going from house-to-house or flat to flat your belongings and furniture would be unloaded from the van and put straight into a room. The extra time needed to pack things into a unit take surprisingly longer.

You should be aware of this when receiving quotes for your job. Make sure you mention that you are going to storage.

If you do not need to get at your furniture or belongings for some time then you can save some money by using a long-term storage company that perhaps does not have great access.

These tend to be companies like Howard Kent that use storage containers which your removals Brighton company will load into from the van.

These containers which are often wouldn’t come in a range of sizes

The largest is about 10 foot tall 6 foot wide and 6 feet deep.

You may need a few of these. The reason that they are small fish is because they will need to be lifted by a crane or forklift truck and put into the back of the warehouse possibly on top of other crates.

It is up to your Hove removals company to pack the items well into the crate so that there are no mishaps once the crate has been sealed.

Your Hove removals company will also be able to advise on the size of unit you need and from there you will be able to calculate your storage costs and then make an educated decision as to which storage company you will use based on the price and service.

You will need photographic identification and proof of address to complete the insurance details.

These are very extensive and the terms and conditions will take about 20 to 30 minutes to go over it with your storage or removals Brighton experts .

A few things to remember with Hove removals

Storage Brighton and Hove

You are not allowed to store biological waste or living things. This includes plants and pets.

You are not allowed to store flammable goods or combustible items such as paint because if left for a long time the pressure can grow inside the tin and pop in heat

It also creates one heck of a mess so that could be another reason why it is not allowed

The items that trip up most of our customers are barbecue fuel, gas. This may be concealed inside of your barbecue which has been loaded into the van. And of course any kind of weapon or firearm is forbidden.

If you wish to talk further about storage and Hove removals then please give us a call any time to discuss.

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