How To Assemble IKEA TRYSIL Dark Wardrobe

Hello and welcome to Gold Bear Removals Brighton. This is a very handy sliding door wardrobe with clothes rail. This video shows how to assemble an IKEA TRYSIL Dark Wardrobe. Check out our video guide. You can pause the video at any point to get a better look.
This won’t be the best video you’ve ever seen in your life but it could save you a few grey hairs.

Putting Ikea furniture together can be really fiddly and annoying. So the best things to do is prepare a good space to lay everything out clearly. All the pieces and screws laid out so it makes sense. Then methodically follow the instructions to assemble your Trysil from IKEA.
That is what we did here and things went pretty smoothly. Check out the video to see how we went about it.
Welcome to Gold Bear Removals Brighton guide to assembling IKEA
TRYSIL Dark Wardrobe

79x61x202 cm
Width: 79 cm
Depth: 61 cm
Height: 202 cm
Plinth, height: 5.7 cm
Max. load/shelf: 20 kg

Thanks to bensound for the music! Great free music!

Or alternatively you could give us a call to put your IKEA Trysil furniture together? We spend our life on the floor messing about with Allen keys and screws tearing our hair out so that you don’t have to. I’m sure you have better things to be doing. Your time would probably be better spent elsewhere. Not for us! We get a sick pleasure from lying in awkward stress positions, setting up furniture in small spaces. Our removals Brighton services are fairly inexpensive and is the best money you can spend.n However if you enjoy punishing yourself then have a crack at it.

This is a quick video to show you how to put together IKEA TRYSIL Dark Wardrobe. The assembly is very simple and won’t take you long. If you need any removals Brighton services then please get in contact for a chat.
Thanks to bensound for the music! Great free music!

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