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Welcome to the leading removal company Brighton and Hove. We specialise in all things removals. Whether you’re moving house or flat within the city or moving across the country, we’re here to help. Maybe you have an office , studio or shop that’s changing premises and you need an efficient, reliable company to assist you. We operate a “no job too big or too small” policy.

Moving house comes like second nature to some people who are always on the move. Some up sticks and changing home every year or two, whereas some people very rarely move. If you fall into the latter bracket, you may be wondering where to start with removal company Brighton and Hove choices. There are certainly a lot out there, ranging from big to small, established to newbies. Whether you’re experienced or a bit of a removals novice, we’ve compiled some helpful removals advice and considerations.


Image (2)How to chose your removal company Brighton and Hove

We always advise our customers to get a few quotes from different companies to compare to help with decision making. Quotes between the various removal company Brighton and Hove differ quite a bit, not only just in price but in the scope of the job they are quoting for. For example, some may include boxes, while others include VAT. Some exclude dismantling and putting back together furniture. Always compare them and ask questions about what’s included and what isn’t. Our biggest advice is to go with the removal company Brighton and Hove that best suits your needs. This may not be the cheapest or the biggest. All variances aside, consider which suits you and your move the best and who you think would be best for the job. There are a lot of options out there. From large national firms to small local run family removal company Brighton and Hove with just a few vehicles, and everything in between. Consider what suits you, the requirements of your move and your values best.


What to look out for in a removals company:

With so many companies out there on the market all seemingly offering a similar service, how do you know which? Our advice is, judge your removals company as you would any other customer service. What is the experience like? Are they friendly, polite, helpful, do they sound like they are on the ball and know what they are doing? Do they come back to your emails quickly and with helpful information? Do they have great references from other clients that they can share with you? Are they fully insured? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are probably looking in the right direction.


The quoting process

If at all possible, most good companies will want to come for some kind of home visit before confirming a price. This protects both of you in the long run. It will mean that your company can assure that they have the right number of staff, vehicles, and resources available on the day. Make sure you get everything down in writing, no quotes should be verbal.

If you are moving to London or further afield then be sure to mention this and all important details.

A good word of advice is to be honest with your removals company during the quoting process. Saying that you have less stuff to move than you do often causes issues on the day. Not having enough space in the van or men on the job can cause all kinds of last minute headaches. For example, if you know that you had to winch the piano up to your flat because it wouldn’t fit via the door. Or you know that a huge wardrobe has to be taken apart because it wouldn’t fit up the stairs when you bought it. Tell your removal company Brighton and Hove ahead of time. These things needn’t be an issue if they are prepared and have the right tools or extra man power with them. But it could end up causing unnecessary stress on the day if everyone isn’t prepared.


How much should a removals company cost?

Unfortunately his is a very difficult question to give a blanket answer to. The cost of moving is hugely variable and depends entirely on your circumstances. Factors that come into this include: how many bedrooms you have, how far you’re moving, if you’re house is furnished or if everything is coming, what the access is like. Any good removals company should be able to give you a ballpark figure after a brief chat though.


What if something goes wrong?

Whatever you do, it’s extremely important to chose a removals company who are fully insured no matter what the outcome. There are a lot of fly-by-night operations out there. If the worst should happen, they could leave you in a pretty bad situation. Any reputable insurance company should be fully insured and should be willing to produce their insurance documents for you. At Gold Bear, we attach them to quotes along with our T’s & C’s so that customers don’t have to ask. Some companies are only insured for things that they have packed too. We’re insured in all scenarios.


Hopefully you’ve found this advice helpful. While we’re a removal company Brighton and Hove ourselves, we’ve tried to be as impartial as possible. To talk further about your options, get in touch 

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