Packing materials of the highest quality

It’s important to ensure that there are no nasty surprises upon unpacking, whether moving house or placing your things in storage. It’s imperative that you pack carefully and using packing materials of the highest quality.

There are lots of different kind of products out on the market, varying from the high end to the impossibly cheap. But as with many things in life, buying cheap ends up being a false economy in the long run. Likewise, cutting corners with all of your precious worldly goods often ends up in tears! Having cheap boxes falling through, shoddy protective packaging and tape that doesn’t stick properly will end up costing you later.

Packing by professionals

The level of care and skill applied to packing your belongings is paramount to making sure that there are no breakages. Using packing materials of the highest quality will ensure that your goods get from A to B unscathed.

If you are looking to save some money on removals you could always opt for our man and van Brighton service.

At Gold Bear Removals, we offer our customers are packing service which takes the headache out of the process. Our teams pack day in day out and are really experts in the field. We can come in and pack your whole house for you. Right from individual crockery in the kitchen to ornaments and packing your clothes into wardrobe boxes. Get in touch with us for a packing price. All of our packing prices include packing materials of the highest quality. We are that confident of our packing skills we are insured for everything. This also goes for our corporate clients looking for office removals Brighton.

If you’d rather go down the DIY route and pack everything at home yourselves, we’ve suggested some of packing materials of the highest quality for you below. It’ll safeguard your precious items, from delicate to your sofa and large furniture.

Our picks of packing materials of the highest quality: BOXES

Moving boxes and how to pack them
Moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are a vital part of any move. So that the box doesn’t weaken and break, larger boxes should be used only for items that don’t weigh very much. This includes items such as lamps, trinkets, blankets and clothes. Heavier items such as books and heavy kitchen equipment should always be placed in smaller boxes. Limiting the weight in the box reduces the risk of the box falling apart.

When packing, always fill the box entirely and bridge any space with a protective layer to stop the contents from being damaged. So you can pop in any spare blankets, cushions and clothes.
Wardrobe boxes
Wardrobe boxes are the ideal thing to transport your clothes easily. They also prevent them from getting creased and damaged during your home move. These boxes look like mini temporary wardrobes – they have a bar installed. This means that you can life your clothes straight out of the real wardrobe without having to remove them from the hangers. They are made from sturdy cardboard which doesn’t damage. Our customers always love wardrobe boxes as they made unpacking so easy and hassle free too. You can whip your items out and rehang them in their new space within minutes, without having to re-iron a thing.

You can order them yourself online but they can be fairly costly. It’s worth asking your removals company if you can hire some from them instead to save on cost.

packing materials of the highest quality: EXTRA VITAL ITEMS

Packing tape
Packing tape helps you secure your boxes closed for optimum security. When it’s time to unpack, this specialised tape cuts open much easier than sellotape, so allows for more efficient unpacking.
Compromising on the quality of tape can cause all kinds of removals mishaps. It can lead to things like boxes not being sturdy enough and falling through. It’s best to not to opt for the bargain basement in tape when planning your move. We order in special rolls of professional tape from our industrial supplier. But if you don’t have access to this, a good quality Scotch tape is as good of an option.
Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is the removal mans best friend! It’s irreplaceable when it comes to protecting breakable items from being damaged. Each item must be wrapped individually, or else items can knock together in transit and cause potential damage. Your items should be covered in bubble wrap entirely.

This handy stuff can be wrapped around edges and corners of corners of large furniture too. This will stop things being scuffed in the van during the move and to make items with sharp edges easier to handle.

You should be able to buy some from your removals firm. Alternatively, you can find it online and have it delivered to your house ahead of time.


Labelling your boxes is vital for swift unpacking the other end. You should label all boxes with their location in the new house. This helps the removals team can place your belongings in the right rooms for you. You should also take the opportunity to note down any boxes that are fragile or need to be carried a particular way up. Again, this helps your moving team are sure to take extra special care when handling them. 

You can label items yourself using a sharpie or marker directly onto the box. Or if you’re feeling particularly organised, you can make labels using a label maker.
It is imperative that packing materials of the highest quality should be used at all times to make sure that there is no damage when moving.

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