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You will need to find some secure storage if you are looking to store your precious belongings somewhere for a period of time, either long or short term. After you have chosen your removals experts then you will need some help organising your storage unit. There are a number of other important criteria that you are going to want to adhere to which will hopefully safeguard you from any companies which are not up to scratch so you do not find you and your belongings in a difficult position, regardless of whatever offers or prices various secure storage unit businesses are proposing.

This is why have put together a brief list of secure storage companies within reach of the city that perform excellent secure storage for business or domestic needs.

Searching for Secure Storage

Is price the main thing you are looking at in a storage unit? Or is it size? For us, security should always be the main concern. You will find that most of the top secure storage facilities in the city provide good security as standard. But if you had to put the companies into a graph it would be a top down graph. The larger and more expensive looking storage business then the greater the levels of security and facilities. To be honest though they are all on a par with each other.

All of the below are local to Brighton and are easily accessible for personal storage or businesses storage, if you are storing goods for your office:
Big yellow
Pelican storage shoreham
Big box Portslade
Big box business Park hide
Big Box North
Alligator storage Freshfield business industrialist date
Howard Kent in shoreham

Most of these will have spaces available and often have a good offer on when you ring up.

There are companies that appear to be less safe however. Ones that are outside of the city that look a bit scruffy. They are secure but they don’t have the same level of high-tech security that you would find at the big yellow storage Brighton, comb Road.

If you are looking at storing things for your company or business after having office removals then these companies cater for that as well.

Let’s look at the different factors
Big yellow and most of the other large national companies have electronic locking doors that do not allow anyone in on that they have a passcode, even during the day!

As well as security you will need somewhere dry. Most facilities provide dry facilities but in warehouses that big there are bound to be a few dark corners that don’t get checked regularly. You will need to feel the wall with your hands and see if there is any moisture that you can detect. Even the slightest damp patch can cause you problems in the long run. Any moisture will be sucked up by your dry items like your mattress which will give it that mouldy, dank smell. Also any wooden items will absorb a lot of moisture and potentially ruin the integrity of the unit.

It is more difficult to detect moisture in the air, however. Especially if the place is warm. The best way to do this is to use your nose. We are all familiar with the smell of damp. The fungus growing produces a very particular odour from its spores.

If you have a small move then you would qualify for our man and van Brighton service. Give us a call to inquire about it.

Helpful staff
We would all like to use local, small, independent companies where we can but in terms of facilities and staff the larger storage companies in Brighton seem to have the best service. Big Yellow are the most courteous and well trained. The larger facilities are well turned out and very clean looking. If this does not matter to you then that is fine.

Local Secure Storage Companies

Our pick of the smaller storage companies though would be Pelican Storage in Shoreham. They have an excellent facility just down on the coast. They have a very clean and temperature regulated premises. The have a large unit in the industrial estate at Unit 2, Marlborough Road, Worthing, Lancing BN15 8TP, United Kingdom.
Their warehouse is part of a larger industrial complex which provides very safe and secure storage. They have a large entrance which allows for scheduled deliveries of very large vehicles. 7.5 ton vehicles are able to access the unit as well. Vehicles simply reverses up to the doors and they can get the rear of the vehicle into the building. From there, there is a rubberised plastic wall that you see in similar buildings (like factories producing food or contain other perishables) to regulate the temperature but still allow easy access.

They also run a very good removals service out of the storage yard. They have 2 7.5 ton vehicles and one 3.5 ton Luton van. They are able to tackle any removals jobs even long distance. Their larger vehicles (7.5 tons) means that they have the capacity to legally hold more weight on the road that other smaller companies that just use Luton vans. So for long distance moves this is particularly useful. There are a lot of weigh bridges when you are travelling long distances and if you are travelling in a Luton style box van the chances are that you are probably over the legal weight.

The luton van was designed a long time ago for transporting hats and lighter goods. Not for delivering heavier objects such as the contents of a house.

They are safe to use but legally they are not able to carry much weight.

Other companies such as GB Liners also have secure storage and perform a removals service. Although they are a national company and so you may pay slightly over the odds and not receive the most personalised service.
If you are looking to move from moving from London to Brighton then you may need to organise some storage before you move into your place. These companies would come in very helpful for such circumstances as they are a stone’s throw from the city.

As you have read, when trying to find secure storage for your office or domestic move there are are a quite a few key aspects to consider in order to make your decision a suitable one.

Please get in touch now either via our contact page for more advice.

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