Removal Companies Brighton Guide

We can give you some help to navigate through to find the best removal companies Brighton has to offer. But first, let us run down a bit about our services.

We give the most professional and affordable service that any removal companies Brighton have to offer.
Give us a call to find out our great deals. We have plenty of options available to you.

We also have a different method and process for moving which includes a more ethical approach.

Small jobs – man and van Brighton
Prices start from around £42.5 for one hour with 1 removals driving expert who can drive and pack the van.
You have to specifically ask for this because our normal service is 2 men and a van. To save some money you can specially ask for 1 man.
You really do not have to lift a finger with the service unless there are items that are too big for one man to move.

We break the hours into halves so after the first 2 hours, you can just pay £21.25 thereafter.

We are fully insured for all of our services, for your belongings and your home and any people involved in the move. But we are more careful and have a better track record than any of the removal companies Brighton and rarely have had to use our insurance.

If you are looking for a day rate or a fixed quote then please call and we can get a price together for you. After a chat on the phone (or even better a home visit) we can get the most cost effective price together which includes your own removal plan.


Removal companies Brighton Medium size move -Two men and a large Luton van

With this home removals service you get to well-trained highly efficient removal men to lift and load everything for you into the van and unload at the other end and put into the exact positions that you wish.

We will do everything for you. We will listen to your specific requirements and aim to fulfil every specific plans you have. We are the most courteous and professional of all the removal companies Brighton and the surrounding areas have.

Again if you wish to have a set day rate then just call for a quote. This sometimes ends up cheaper if you are using us for a long period of time or even over the course of a few moves. Four example if you are moving in and out of storage or I having renovations we can factor in multiple moves into your price to condense your outgoings. We aim to be the most affordable of the removal companies Brighton has to offer.

Large moves – two or more men and two or more vans.
If you have a large residence or office or business which you would like to move we can accommodate very large scale logistical moves with many different factors.
Please call now for a chat so we can plan your move and give you a free quote.
If you are trying to decide on removal companies Brighton then please give us a call and we will offer you candid advice on how to choose. We will give you complete transparency.


Via email
If people are brief or kurt over email then it should indicate some potential problems down the road when things can get potentially stressful.
If there is a lack of information in their email or a general carelessness this should also ring alarm bells for the type of company that you are communicating with.

The same goes for chatting on the phone. You should never feel rushed to make a decision or feel like you have to be fine with not having all the information you require such as insurance, times and dates, or the experience of the staff. You should be able to ask what you want and demand what you need. You are the customer and you should be top priority.

Every good removal company should be insured up to the hilt. The cover for your belongings is called goods in transit insurance. You also want to be covered for your building and covered for any persons that might come in contact with the removal company. This is called public liability insurance.

For example we are covered for up to £25,000 for goods in transit insurance and we can raise this to £200,000 for a small fee. We are insured for up to £2 million for public liability insurance. We will always be upfront about our insurances as to be covert would be very shortsighted.

With our insurance you are covered for everything. As soon as we come in contact with your belongings until we have put them down. If you discover something after the move, you are still covered. Many companies will claim that their Insurance only covers them for goods that they have packed. This may not be true and you should fully investigate this matter. Don’t be afraid to threaten the company with a bad Google review they refuse to show you their insurance.

Hourly rates are very common in removals and can work out very well for you. If you need a move in a hurry it is often the best way to price things fairly for yourself and the removal company. You only pay for what you need.
£55 per hour is what we charge for two men and a large Luton van for an hour. This works out very well for the you the customer even over a long job.

Set price moves
We also run a set price alongside this hourly rate so that if we finish before the capped rate you make a saving. You are essentially safeguarded whether the removal is faster or longer.
If the company has time they should want to come out and see your move. This way they can make sure that the correct milligrams are in place. This will also help you not be charged too much in the long run.

Call now for a chat about anything you’ve seen here including a full removal companies Brighton guide.

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