Office Relocation Brighton and Hove

At Gold Bear Removals, we specialise in office removals in Brighton. If business is booming and you have to expand to make way for new staff, or your company has shifted focus and some of your office is moving away to a different location, we are on standby to help with your relocation with as minimal fuss and low company-wide impact as possible.

We also offer wide-reaching national moves and can pack up your office in Brighton and Hove and move you to your new area or the other way around.

Office relocation Brighton professionals

Office Relocation Brighton and Hove

Everyone is different. We don’t work to with a one-size-fits-all formula. Whether your move is large scale or small, we have a service that will suit. Having moved everything from government laboratories to huge corporations and even artist studios, we have perfected our service and can adapt to your company’s individual needs and requirements.

Regardless of the nature of your move, we will come and conduct an on-site office visit, where our operations managers can assess your move and provide you with a personalised moving plan, which will be signed off by everyone ahead of your move. There is no obligation to this meeting but it should be very helpful in illuminating the whole process for you. We can listen to all of your key concerns and ease your fears about the move.

Our company cares a lot about the environment, and we go the extra mile to try and offset our carbon footprint. We have a partnership with Ringshall Grange in Suffolk where we plant trees on their land. So for every move we do, we plant trees in your company’s name to offset the emissions used during your move! We do this with every move that we do, normally with just one tree for a domestic move. But with larger office moves, we use an equation to work to work out how many trees to plant depending on the size of your move. We normally plant several for a medium size office move, for example.

We also have partnerships all over Brighton and the south east, so will take any of your obsolete electrical items away and recycle them for you, so that as few things go to waste as possible. A lot of companies don’t concern themselves with this kind of thing, and would rather just dispose of unwanted goods in the quickest way.

Overnight moves:
For some office relocations, it’s imperative that no downtime is missed and that everyone is back online first thing as normal. In this case, we can provide a service where our teams of expert movers work overnight to move you and reassemble you in the right place the other side.
This is charged a little higher than normal moves but what it saves you in missing business hours is worth it. Your staff can go away at the end of the working day and come back in the morning to their new office and have everything set up exactly how it should be. This avoids disruption to your work flow. Give us a call now to inquire further.

We even offer a cabling service. We employ a colour coding method using photographs to make sure that everything gets rewired properly.
Our expert tech team can ensure your computers are fully up and running by the start of the working day, meaning the company’s normal work-flow is disrupted as little as possible.

Standard service:
For some working to tighter budgets and who are less concerned with time-sensitive moves, we provide a service where we can move you during normal working hours, and in most cases and depending on the size of your move, over the weekend.

Our team will come into your office and dismantle any desks and large items, and clear them carefully and swiftly for transit to your new space. We can work to pre-agreed desk plans, and endeavour to put items into the right areas in the new office.

Office packing Brighton

We offer an optional office packing
office packing service as part of our office relocation Brighton package. Here, we can come in and pack absolutely everything up neatly and carefully for your move.

Our team can do everything from boxing up filing cabinets and bookcases to packaging computers into bubble wrap and crates ready for transit. With this service, you can leave us to it while we individually pack everything, down to each coffee cup in the kitchen, and seamlessly transport to your next office.

We are fully insured for everything that our team comes into contact with. We are also insured for public liability and buildings insurance for up to £2m. It is always a good idea to inquire what other removals companies insurance covers, as you’ll find that many cut corners and aren’t as comprehensively covered as Gold Bear.

As a company, we care a lot about our customers and client satisfaction. We aren’t happy until we have completely satisfied customers, and as a result, have a large selection of award winning office testimonials we can share with you.

If you need any more information on your office relocation Brighton then we have lots more information for you so please do not hesitate to check out our office relocation Brighton page or get in contact straight away via our contact page and arrange your consultation.

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