Moving to Brighton

If you need any advice on moving to Brighton we encourage you to get in contact either via telephone or email so we can give you a precise quote. While we are a local removals firm within Brighton & Hove, we pride ourselves on our local knowledge and can offer all kinds of help and advice.
We have a wealth of knowledge about the great Brighton cities which we would love to share with you. All the different areas in which you can live and also the best way to be moved into the city. All moves are different and individual and we are able to tailor a service to your special requirements.

There are many areas to explore when you are moving to Brighton. Not just in terms of pleasure and leisure activities (of which there are infinite areas) but also places to live. There are a few main areas in the city and then within those, there are many different smaller areas all with their particular benefits and attractions.

Moving to Brighton
The area in which you should choose to live depends on what your priorities are. For example if you are a young family and value the education of your children then you will want to be near a good school. You will also want to live near other young families and people with similar needs and expectations. The Hannover district is good for this, although it is on a steep hill it is very quaint and has a homely and safe feel to it.

Many young and older families find that this area suits them down to the ground. A similar area but slightly out of town is Kemp town. If you follow St James street past the main town area you can find even more lovely period buildings and great community spirit. Lewes Crescent is particularly beautiful with it’s own gardens overlooking the sea. The further toward Brighton Marina you go, the more industrial it gets so if you care about aesthetics you may prefer to stay just this side of the industrial units.

If you are moving to Brighton to be a student then perhaps cheaper accommodation is important to you. In which case you may want to live a little further out from the city centre. Moving to Bevendean or moving to Hollingbury may be appealing.

Or if you are really looking for a bargain you can move out of the city down the coast you should really consider moving to Worthing. Or possibly moving to Shoreham by Sea. These places are increasingly popular with new young families, as well as couples looking for an opportunity to get on the increasingly unattainable property ladder – costing is a lot more affordable here. We are moving more nearly as many people out of Brighton to start new lives nowadays as we are moving in and around Brighton and Hove.

That being said, just with a few internet searches you can find some bargain houses in town and of course it’s not all just about studying when you are here as a student it’s also about the nightlife. So skimping on living space is a small price to pay to be next to the Green Door Store or The Mash Ton.

Moving to Brighton

You maybe escaping other Londoners and wider city UK and moving to Brighton for the natural assets such as the South Downs or the seafront. If you are an out-doors kind of person you are spoiled for choice as there are many different terrains for you to explore in such a small area. There are also a lots of different climates.

The Downs provide excellent rambling and camping and even eating. At Devil’s Dyke there is a great big pub at the top called The Devil’s Dyke which serves a great pint and quality and locally famous pub grub.

You may be more interested in moving to Hove. There is a lot more space in Hove and it is a bit more tranquil. The age bracket goes up very slightly which may be the reason for the more sedate pace. But it is not without its huge benefits. For example a plethora of chic bistros, luxury hairdressing salons, incredible restaurants, upmarket cafes and plenty of large period homes. It’s also cheaper to bag a home on the seafront here than it is in neighboring Brighton.

There are many lovely quarters in Hove such as ‘Poets Corner’ which is a lovely residential area. The streets are named after our most famous poets such as Coleridge and Cowper. This delightful area boasts a tranquil and community-based feel. It has plenty of it’s own pubs and shops and cafes and is a great place to raise children. Many of our friends live there and our favourite local pub is the Ancient Mariner. Just don’t forget to give us a call for a pint, I mean, give us a call if you’re moving to Brighton and Hove!

You may find it easier to fill out our quote form. This way we can have a clear idea of what you intend to move to the area. You can input all of your moving info, including things like proposed date of your move across to minute detail like all of the items you have to move, and we can give you an accurate quote based on this. If you tell us a little about yourself and your requirements, we are more than happy to offer further advice on all the areas and what benefits they could have for you. Get in touch about moving to Brighton today!

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