How can we help?

Whether you just need to organise your home office or are preparing for a full move, Gold Bear, your removal company Brighton & Hove, have supplies to suit all possible requirements.


Domestic packing service

If you are planning a full move and do not have the time to prepare yourself or the desire to do so, your removal company Brighton can come to your aid and get you completely ready for your move. To minimise the inconvenience of living in a packed up house we usually arrive the day before your move, but we are flexible and can do whenever is best for you.

As soon as you make contact we’ll ask you a series of questions to establish the parameters of your packing requirements. We will arrange a home visit so we’ll be able to see everything that needs to be packed and what materials we will need to use.

We only use the highest quality packing materials to make sure all of your belongings are completely safe in transit.

If you’re having us pack you may as well let us take care of cleaning too! Not all removal company Brighton or beyond offer these kind of add ons, which all go towards making your move easier.

Hourly packing service

2 or more of our highly trained men can come in and package everything up, starting on a rate of £65 per hour. All of your packaging materials are included in this rate.

You will be surprised just how much we can get done in an hour. Two of us can pack up a large kitchen in about an hour and a half. We will individually wrapped every plate, saucer teacup and glass.

This hourly service comes in handy if you would like us to pack certain areas of your house but not the whole thing. Sometimes, customers prefer throw things out and sort through different rooms while we concentrate on the more laborious areas, such as studies and kitchens.


Set-price packing service

When we come round to have a look at your move we can assess how long a full pack will be and what kind of resources we will need. A medium sized 1 bedroom flat takes about 3-4 hours to pack and costs around £200-£350. A medium size 2 bedroom flat takes about 4-5 hours and costs about £250-£450.

Usually this service occurs the day before your move and we will make sure you are completely ready for the next day. All you have to do is make sure you have set aside any items that you may need overnight or have handy for the move.

Prestige packing service

Let us take take care of everything. After our consultation, you can just hand us the keys and go out for a spot of lunch and maybe some shopping. When you return home, everything will have been done for you. We are quite happy to work on our own for large lengths of time. If we have any queries we can always reach you by phone.

Our ultimate prestige package entails staying over at one of our recommended hotels with our Gold Bear discount, while we handle everything from packing and moving to setting up your new home. Before we begin, we will take pictures and videos of how are your house is set up, even down to specific details like the placement of ornaments and photographs. Upon completion of the move, we will unpack all of your belongings into the correct position.

Office packing

If you are relocating or just organising your office or place of business, we help immeasurably with this. Check out the office packing page. We also offer a full office removals service.

After your initial contact and after a consultations over the phone and at the site, we can put a plan together for you. This generally means coming in the day before your move and getting everything completely ready for the next day.

Internal office moves and organisation

This is a flexible service available at the drop of a hat. If you have a storage room that desperately needs sorting out, give us a call and we can come in immediately. If you only need us for a short time, we can come at the beginning or end of the day after our other jobs. We will do all the heavy lifting and time-consuming archiving and labelling. We only use the best quality packing materials to make sure that your business stays in mint condition.

Drop us a call or email for a chat about your plans via our contact page, and we can tell you why we’re the right removal company Brighton for you!