Removal companies in Brighton

Removal companies in Brighton come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some are long standing family run companies, some are new upstarts and some are well established modern companies.

Here at Gold Bear removals Brighton we have put a guide together for you, to help whittle down the best Removals Companies in Brighton.

As there are so many removal companies in Brighton, how do you know where to start? With Brightons inhabitants being 278,000 in 2017, there must be getting on for a whopping 70 removals firms and another 500 ‘man with van’ operations. That’s a lot of choice. With so many companies offering seemingly similar services, your decision could get confusing.

For this reason alone, we thought this subject merited an article. We will go through some of the key considerations when selecting the right company. Bear in mind, what may be right for some people isn’t right for others, and everyone has individual circumstances and needs.

Image (12)How to chose between the removal companies in Brighton: Social Media

We live in the age of technology. Social media has never been more prevalent and informative for decision making. There are 33million UK Facebook users, making it the biggest used platform in this country. Over half of the UK population will log into Facebook this year! With over 75% of users checking their accounts daily, it’s the only place that a lot of people take their news and guidance from from. Twitter and Instagram are next in line, with around 18 million users each in this country.

A lot of removal companies in Brighton don’t really use their social media accounts which is a real waste.

There is no disputing that social media has a huge influence of the decisions people make in their day to day lives. Whether its through looking at their friends recommendations or via sponsored ads and promotions made directly by companies, the amount of information available is staggering. Every single minute on Facebook, over half a million comments are posted, nearly 300,000 people update their statuses. Customers are constantly exposed to new things that they wouldn’t have heard of before. Gone are the days of solely face to face recommendations!

So with this in mind, Facebook and other social media platforms are a great place to find services. Most established company has an online presence via a Facebook Page for their company. Plus most companies have a twitter handle, even if they don’t update that regularly. So in that sense, finding a company has never been easier. There are lots of handy tools made available to you by these platforms too. Facebook has a great rating system, meaning that you can look to see how many stars customers have given the company on average. This is hugely beneficial because companies can’t control these reviews and can’t amend them once done. Its the opportunity to find honest feedback on a number of companies in one place.

Other places to find removal companies in Brighton: Further online

Reviews are the best way to gage a companies customer experience in the modern day. Which is why reviews sites like Trip Adviser and Yelp are amongst the most used sites in the UK. People like to research and know where they stand ahead of time, reading real feedback . It affords you not to make the same mistake that others have before!

In this way, the internet has never been a better, more well equipped place to find removal companies in Brighton.

When choosing between removal companies in Brighton, other online touchstones like Google Plus and Google Business Pages are excellent. Here, you are able to look at the companies overall profile. Customers are allowed to write reviews and give other customers helpful information. Customers can also add photographs which can be helpful when trying to get a feel for a company. A companies Google Business page is also extremely helpful when it comes to choosing between removal companies in Brighton. It’s another touchstone to find highly rated local companies, and read through real customer experience.

Other places to find removal companies in Brighton: Non-online

Technology and social media aside, there are more traditional methods for finding the right removal companies in Brighton for you.

There are a lot of quote sites out there that mean you only have to sign up and give your information once. These quote companies then send your info around to a spread of local companies. These companies are all registered and verified, and will have had to prove to the lead generation site that they hold all of the relevant insurance and accreditation needed for official companies. So this cuts out some of the hard work for you before you even start.

Alternatively, you can take the traditional route via Google and go down the list looking at individual removal companies in Brighton websites. This way, you can ring companies up who you like the look of and have a chat on the phone. Physically talking to someone often helps get a good feel about them. Are they polite? Helpful and courteous? Do they answer all of your questions sufficiently? If so, you are probably on the right track.

Get in touch with us at Gold Bear removals if you’d like to chat to us about removal companies in Brighton. We will happily tell you everything we know. We don’t buy into hard sell and pressuring customers to go with us, so rest assured you can have an obligation free chat. We look forward to hearing more from you soon.

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