House Packing Service by Professionals

If you care about your belongings and wish to protect them for moving home or a renovation, you will need a house packing service by professionals.

That is where Gold Bear Removals Brighton come in! We have been performing house packing removals services for well over a decade. We know exactly what to do when it comes to protecting your goods in transit. All our removals packing service professionals receive the top level of training to enable them to protect your treasured belongings. Whether you’re moving into storage or into a new home, when it comes to packing, removal storage is done in the same way.

You may want to do some yourself, in which case here are a few tips about performing house packing service by our package storage professionals.

House Packing Service by Professionals Tips

House Packing Service by Professionals
What do you want to pack?
Is it Fragile?
Is it Expensive? If so you will need more materials than if you were just packing some books.

Consider what packaging products you need
Bubble wrap for vases and other fragile items such as pictures.
Packing paper comes in handy for everything. It protects against movement damage like scratches and bashes. It’s particularly useful in the kitchen as everything tends to be fairly fragile.

Double-walled corrugated boxes are required. Our suppliers are Box Boys or Brighton boxes.
You can even use triple-walled boxes if you can find them. These are excellent for shopping and export packing services by professionals
Tape: It’s always worth buying quality if you can. Buying cheap is a fool’s economy because you end up using more of the cheap stuff and sometimes it doesn’t even work and your boxes fall apart.

Where to get these products? Sustainable companies if at all possible
Set about packing
We Start in the kitchen as it takes the longest (usually about 2 hours) but if you plan to pack over several days you will want to make sure you leave everything essential so you can use it the next day.
Clear a large space on the counter and unroll your packing paper
Erect a few medium-sized boxes. Sometimes they are called book boxes. They are a great size for heavy or delicate objects.

Take out a stack of plates and place one in the middle of the paper. Fold the paper in on itself over the plate. Then stack the next plate on top of that one.

You can then place another sheet of paper on top of that. Upon which you will place your 3rd plate wrapping that one up as well. You continue this until you have a stack. Then you place this at the bottom of the box.

Heavy things are on the bottom and light and more fragile things are on the top.

Once you have filled half the box with heavy items you will want to fill the rest of the box with lighter fragile items. Such as glasses or Tupperware or your spice rack.

If the boxes are heavy then warn your man and van so he can take extra care.

Wrapping glasses and fragiles.
Place the glass on its side on top of the paper pile. Take a corner and wrap it over the object and continue to roll the glass across the page so it is covered in paper.
Twist the ends to protect the most vulnerable areas such as the rim of the glass or the stem or base.

If the object is particularly valuable or holds sentimental value you can then wrap this item in bubble wrap and sealing it off with sellotape or brown packing tape.

You can also use scotch tape if this is your preferred brand.
If you have any questions about this process you can ask your removals Brighton Experts
If you are wishing to perform an export pack then you would wrap everything in bubble wrap. Then in the event of a mishap or severe trauma, that might occur over a very long journey, the objects will be completely fine. You would have to actually throw the box off a cliff for the contents to break.

Seal up the box
This should be the same process as erecting the box.
Make sure you fold the small flaps in first
Then the large flaps so that the top of the box is flat. Then apply a strip along the edges of the two main flaps.
Then 3 pieces across the width of the box like butterfly stitches. This will keep the box as sturdy as possible. You should be able to stand on the corners and the box should remain intact.

We are fully equipped to give you an export pack for your move. An export packing service makes sure that your goods will be ready for transporting over long distance is including international and long-haul destinations.

This is the next level up and packing abilities. Not all companies are able to perform this detailed task so it’s good to check this with any company that you are interested in performing a pack.

There are particular ways of packing items for long-haul or international journeys. They have been formed over many many years and there is an internationally recognised method for preparing home goods and office where.

Office Packing Service by Professionals

If your business is moving overseas, this could be for a number of reasons. You will need some office removals. The reason for moving maybe a new opportunity to exploit in another country or you may be downsizing back to where you came from. Or you could be feeling the effects of Brexit and wanting to relocate your building staff and manufacturing capabilities to a country that is cheaper and has more favourable tax laws.
Or you could be moving to Brighton.

Either way your tools for business are very important to you and you will want to make sure that they are heavily protected so that you can get up and running again as soon as possible at your new destination.

We know the importance of maintaining a business as a high-functioning level and our aim is to make sure that your business does not miss a beat or a single sale.

This is why export packing or office packing service by professionals is such an important aspect of your move.

How does a house packing service by professionals ensure that items are packed in a way that makes them easy to find and access once they reach their destination?

Professional packers are experts at not only packing items to ensure their safety during transport but also in packing them in a way that makes them easy to find and access once they reach their destination. This is an essential part of the packing process because unpacking can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Therefore, ensuring that items are packed efficiently can help to reduce the time and effort required to unpack.

One way that professional packers make it easy to find and access items is by using a color-coding system. They will assign a specific color to each room of the house and label each box with the corresponding color. This makes it easy to identify which boxes belong to which room and can help movers to quickly and efficiently place the boxes in the correct location in the new home.

Another strategy used by professional packers is to create an inventory of all the items being packed. This can be done using a spreadsheet or other digital tools or simply by writing down the contents of each box. This inventory can be used to ensure that everything that was packed is accounted for when it is unpacked. It can also be used to quickly find specific items that are needed after the move.

Professional packers will often pack items based on how frequently they are used. Items that are used less frequently will be packed in boxes and placed in less accessible locations, while frequently used items will be packed in easily accessible locations. This makes it easy to find and access the items that are needed on a regular basis.

Furthermore, professional packers will often pack items in a logical order. For example, they may pack kitchen items together in one box and label it “kitchen.” Within that box, they may group items based on their use, such as utensils in one section, pots and pans in another, and dishes in another. This makes it easy to find and access specific items without having to dig through the entire box.

House packing service by professionals will often provide their clients with tips on how to organize and unpack their items. They may recommend unpacking one room at a time or unpacking items based on their frequency of use. This can help to make the unpacking process more efficient and less overwhelming.

They will use a variety of strategies to ensure that items are packed in a way that makes them easy to find and access once they reach their destination. These strategies include using a color-coding system, creating an inventory, packing items based on how frequently they are used, packing items in a logical order, and providing clients with tips on how to organize and unpack their items. By following these strategies, professional packers can help to reduce the stress and time required to unpack after a move.

House packing service by professionals: What are some common mistakes that people make when packing for a move?

Many people make common mistakes when packing for a move, which can lead to damaged items, lost items, and extra stress. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when packing for a move.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not giving themselves enough time to pack. Starting early can help to ensure that items are packed properly, and nothing is forgotten.

Using the wrong packing materials can be a big mistake, especially when it comes to fragile items. People often use newspaper or towels to wrap fragile items, but these materials can leave residue and may not provide enough protection.

Using proper packing materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and foam inserts can help to protect delicate items.
Overpacking boxes: Another common mistake is overpacking boxes. Overpacked boxes can be heavy and difficult to move, and they can also lead to items being damaged during the move. It’s important to pack boxes with the appropriate weight limit and not to overload them.

People often underestimate the importance of labeling boxes properly. Proper labeling can make it easy to find items once you have moved, and it can also help professional movers to identify fragile or heavy boxes.

Moving can be a great time to declutter and get rid of items that are no longer needed. However, many people forget to declutter before they start packing, which can lead to unnecessary clutter in the new home.

Our customers regularly make the mistake of packing everything in one box, which can make it difficult to find specific items. It’s better to pack items according to their categories and label each box accordingly.

Another common mistake is forgetting to pack a first-day essentials box. This box should contain items like toiletries, bedding, and a change of clothes, so you have everything you need on the first day in your new home.

Failing to secure the boxes properly can lead to items being damaged during transport. It’s important to use packing tape to secure boxes and prevent them from opening during the move.

You have to consider the weight of the items they are packing, which can lead to injury and damage. It’s important to use appropriate packing materials and pack items in a way that makes them easy to lift and transport.

If you require house packing service by professionals then please get in contact immediately either via the contact page or via the quote form. Our email and telephone number or featured throughout the site. We are more than happy to go through everything with you. We can even send you a written report after our consultations so that you remember everything that we have said.

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